Meal Plan, March 22nd through April 4th

I feel like my meal plans haven’t gone as planned lately.  Life has gotten busier, we’ve been in town more than planned, and we have had things come up in the evenings.  Because of that, I will be using some meals this next two weeks that I had planned for this past two weeks (since I have the meat/food for them).

I’m not even going to plan out breakfasts and lunches because we kind of just eat what we want and don’t really follow a plan.  For breakfasts, I tend to not eat (or I’ll eat whatever Robert makes so that I will eat), and the kids tend to eat frozen/organic pancakes and waffles.  It works for us even though it’s not ideal.

For lunches, we typically have leftovers or finger foods.  Sometimes we have sandwiches and veggie tray.  That’s pretty much it!

So, for dinners:

Week 1

  • Friday, 22nd- Leftovers
  • Saturday, 23rd- Homemade mac n cheese with ham, salad (Karis is making)
  • Sunday, 24th- Meatloaf (pg 106), salad, mashed potatoes
  • Monday, 25th- Roast chicken, homemade sweet potato fries, and salad
  • Tuesday, 26th- Tacos (with venison roast, page 111)
  • Wednesday, 27th- Picnic dinner
  • Thursday, 28th- Brinner

Week 2

  • Friday, 29th- Homemade pizza
  • Saturday, 30th- Polenta pie (pg 165)
  • Sunday, 31st- Stuffed bell peppers
  • Monday, 1st- Spinach ricotta pie (pg 156)
  • Tuesday, 2nd- Tacos
  • Wednesday, 3rd- Picnic dinner
  • Thursday, 4th- Brinner

We have some yummy things coming up!

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