My Life… Random Post

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy.  I’m not used it.  We have been in our “big town” soooo much, I have been sick, we went to the city on Saturday, I stayed in town for a ladies’ night, then my hubby picked me up and we sold Karis’s old bike.  Then I have been sick AGAIN (last week, better over the weekend, and sick again starting Sunday night).

In the midst of all of this, I have felt sort of in survival mode again.  I keep thinking I can handle doing all the crunchy things, and once I start trying, I have things come up that make it hard.  So I desperately need to find balance and be okay with that!  I guess you can call me “sorta crunchy.”  Like it matters… haha.

I have decided that buying raw milk every two weeks just isn’t possible because of our schedule and the fact that it’s in town (an hour and 15 minutes away) on a day that I don’t normally go to town.  It’s sad on one hand because I really feel it is full of nutrition.  BUT the cool thing is, I can go to the Farmer’s Market!  So I guess that’s good!  No one likes raw milk at home but me anyway.  The whole family can benefit from the food that I buy at the Farmer’s Market.

I mean, today I have had quite a bit of Coke Zero and other fast food.  I find myself resting on bad habits when I’m busy or not feeling well.  Of course that doesn’t make sense because I need solid nutrition and I’m reaching for comfort foods and drinks.  I guess that’s human nature.

Anyway… enough about that.

Here is what has been going on in our lives!

Morning time is my favorite time in our school day.  I read aloud to them and they play with playdough, cars, Legos, paint, etc.  It has helped their listening comprehension so much.  And they have fun!

Saturday I got dressed up and we went to San Antonio.  We got some clothes and went to Trader Joe’s.  Then that night he dropped me off with my friends and we went to Sauced Wing Bar.  I had cilantro chili lime wings and homemade chips.  They were so good!  We then went to see the play My Fair Lady put on by the teen troupe at a community theatre.  They did a fantastic job.  After that we stayed the night at a fun old guest house at the family of my friend’s.  It was such a great time.

Yesterday I slept all day.  It was good for me but I hate doing that.

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