What a week it has been.  I’m sorry if this post is all over the place.  I have sat down to write it so so many times and have been up and down and all around.  Haha.


This week has been both good and hard (I wouldn’t say bad because I’m thankful for life either way).

It was good because I spent a lot of time outdoors with my kids.  We went kayaking and hiking.  I’m enjoying focusing on being a “Wild + Free” family.

School went pretty well most days.  Sometimes we started late but we got it all done.

I had a good appointment with my psychiatrist.  She has made it clear that I am doing the work and doing it well.  Being outside, using coping skills, etc have made a huge difference for me.  So while meds do a LOT, if I’m not doing the work, then they aren’t as helpful.  It’s a combo experience.  She said that I’m the poster child for REI.  Haha.  I wouldn’t say that.  I have a long way to go.

We got a new puppy!  His name is Loki (yes, after the Marvel character).  We don’t know much about him.  He has an appt at the vet next Friday, and I hope to find out more!  He’s black with a little white on him, about 10 pounds, and is a very hyper/active pup.


I’m tired from the rest of the things.

Loki is a constant biter. Mostly of kids. Like, he can’t not bite when he is awake.  I expected hyper (which he is), puppy accidents (this didn’t happen at first, but has been happening more often lately), and whining (which he doesn’t do much), but the biting is a bit much.  The kids are highly stressed by him which makes it worse.  We love him, he’s adorable, I know some biting is normal, and I know he will out grow it, but it’s exhausting at the moment.  We’ll get through it!

I have had a hard time settling this week when I go to bed.  I have gone to sleep between 12-1 every night and I get up at like 5:45 so I’m not getting much sleep.  I tend to lay back down then have a hard time getting back up.  School is still happening, but mostly in the afternoon.  I guess it works.  I still love homeschooling and KNOW that it’s best for my boys. Their mental health has improved so so much.

I found out Thursday that the med that has made a huge difference for me isn’t available right now and may not be in the future.  It created some anxiety Thursday night, and I have fear of the future now a bit.

Levi has been having tics.  It’s somewhat normal with ADHD, but it has gotten worse since going up on his med dose.  I called the doc today and they told me we could talk about it at his appointment on Tuesday.  His ADHD symptoms have improved and he’s not as moody, so I’m hoping we can do something for his tics.

Between the med issue, the stress that our puppy has placed on us, and issues with Levi, I had a lot of anxiety and took a hydroxyzine Thursday night.  It makes me so sleepy the next day.  I slept a lot yesterday.  And honestly, today I’m super sleepy also.  I’m thinking now that maybe it’s because I’m weaning off of that med!


I’m thankful that I am coming at school with a different attitude and different expectations.  I have noticed that my default when I am struggling with anxiety is to start looking at curriculum again… so I’m having to let that go and just remember that there is no perfect curriculum and God will fill in the gaps.  They will know what they need to know.  The curriculum that I’m using is really good and thorough so I just need to rest in that.  Luckily I don’t have money in my account because I am using cash, so I wouldn’t be able to buy anything anyway!  Haha.

I need the weekend so I can re-focus!  I feel all over the place and away from my focus.

I’m defaulting to survival and I hate that!  Lots of soda/coffee, no water, no veggies, sleeping a lot, messy house, etc.  But it is what it is.

With some rest this weekend I should be able to get back to my priorities.  Eating well, moving lots outside, nature studies, living naturally, etc.

We are doing Charlotte Mason method mostly and things are so much more simple this way.  It helps so much.  I have put aside the science that we were doing because it’s so complicated, and we are going to do nature studies, specifically focusing on birds.

They will be reading each day and doing math 3 days a week this summer.  Except for that, we will be finished with “school” on the same day that Karis is.  May 23rd.  So we are getting there quickly!  I’m looking forward to having the summer to prep for the fall.  I feel like I’ve been kind of throwing stuff together.  Haha.  Which is fine.  It has worked well.


Things are great over-all.  The boys are doing well at home, Karis is doing well in school, we are learning how to handle having a puppy and he will grow out of the biting, we are loving being outside more, I will adjust on the med thing (I think that’s why I’m so so tired right now… weaning off), I will work on the house tomorrow (it’s a mess, but I blame the puppy haha), etc.  All is okay and will continue to improve.  Bad days/weeks happen.  That’s life.  I will not over-react and try to change all the things.  I did decide to adjust science, but that’s all.  Everything else will stay the same.  Later today I will work on the lesson plan for this coming week.  Tuesday will be school in town so we don’t do everything, and we won’t be doing school on Friday because it’s good Friday.  In fact, I think we will study Christ’s death and resurrection this week instead of continuing in the old testament for Bible (during our read aloud).

Life is so so good, even when it’s hard.  I’m so thankful that God knew in His sovereignty what we all needed and continues to put that in place.  I trust Him!

Now here are some pics!

Being outside often has made a huge difference for my mental health, and I know it affects my physical health as well.

We went kayaking and hiking this week.

Here’s our pup, Loki!

Other random pics.

An Easter egg dyeing kit that is natural.

A few nights ago I made the pork roast that I bought at the farmer’s market (with a maple mustard glaze), sautéed squash in butter, and made a grain mix that’s from Trader Joe’s. So so good.

My bike came in!

We also got in our rooftop tent! We will be going camping in two weeks!

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