Meal Plan, June 17th-June 23rd

Most of the meals are going to be just for me, and according to foods that are low pH (not exactly according to the Acid Watcher Diet, but following it loosely).  I will eat some meals in the dining hall, but I’m trying to limit it.  I had Mexican food today for the first time in a long time, and I’m feeling terrible yesterday (after feeling pretty well for a few days).

What I eat/drink matters so much when it comes to my reflux. The meds have helped in that I feel better now when I am eating well (before it didn’t matter what I ate or drank).  I have been told that the med will take a bit to heal my stomach.


  • Eggs (mixture of egg whites and a whole egg), strawberries and bananas, sprouted toast with almond butter and a sliver of raw honey
  • Berry smoothie or Carob almond butter smoothie
  • Spinach omelet and sprouted toast with butter


  • Guac tapenade toast
  • Homemade luna bars
  • Fresh fruit
  • Raw veggies
  • Assorted nuts
  • Sprouted toast with nut butter and raw honey


  • High fiber salad with tuna and sprouted toast
  • Kale wrap and guac tapenade
  • Finger foods


  • Monday, June 17th- Bun-less turkey burgers with arugula-ginger salad and sprouted toast with butter
  • Tuesday, June 18th- Homemade whole wheat chicken nuggets and veggie tray
  • Wednesday, June 19th- Herb chicken and salad with whole wheat pasta
  • Thursday, June 20th- Salmon spinach salad
  • Friday, June 21st- Dining hall “Fresh and Fizzy”
  • Saturday, June 22nd- Pan seared salmon roasted veggies
  • Sunday, June 23rd- Turkey/grass fed beef burgers on whole wheat buns and veggie tray

Food Prep

  • Boil eggs
  • Veggie tray
  • Cut melons
  • Make “high fiber salad”
  • Make homemade peanut butter
  • Make homemade Luna bars

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