Update on All the Things

I have been so busy that blogging has not been a priority, unfortunately.

My Health

I saw my GI last week and he gave me a new reflux med and has me taking it twice a day.  I have noticed a slight difference, but I’m hoping that I will see more of a change over time.  I have also tried really hard to eat in a way that benefits my reflux and doesn’t make it worse.  I don’t follow the Acid Watcher diet 100% because the doc says I don’t need to be that restrictive, but I am trying to follow it loosely.

I have been trying to focus on being busy for the most part so that I don’t get stuck in my head and dwell on it.  I will be resting today, though, because I’m not working retail and my throat is hurting really badly for some reason.  Robert and I both have looked at it, and at the moment we don’t see any white pockets, so at the moment we don’t think it’s strep.  I’m hoping it’s just from drainage.

If I don’t start feeling better soon, the next step is to do an endoscopy.  He said he will see if there’s any damage, see if I have food allergies or sensitive, see if I have any infections in my belly, etc.  It’s just pretty expensive!  It’s $420 just for his fee and that doesn’t include the costs of the surgery center.  If this doesn’t solve anything, we will see if I have allergies or asthma.  Next would be steroids.  If that doesn’t work, then he will have me take a 3-week regimen of antibiotics.  There are lots of things that it could be, and I’m thankful that he’s willing to help me!

Speaking of my health, I have been feeling awful, and I went to the doc yesterday and found out that I have strep. I went to the doc in our tiny town. He works out of his detached garage. He has a waiting room and office in addition to a little pharmacy. We talked a lot about camp and he didn’t charge me because he said that we work hard serving Jesus. He also prayed for camp. So I walked out of there with antibiotics and Zyrtec plus the office visit for free. Praise God! Now to rest till I start feeling better.

Working Part Time

I have been working (very) part time in the coffee shop and camp store here at camp.  It has been really good for me for so many reasons.

  1. It gets me out of my house and around other people.
  2. It helps me to be more involved and know what’s going on around camp.
  3. I love interacting with campers, church leaders, and counselors (and other summer staff)!
  4. I earn a bit of money; I don’t earn much (I mean, I only worked about 16 hours in two weeks), but anything is helpful!
  5. Robert tells me that he sees a huge difference in my demeanor when I come home from working retail, in a good way.


I haven’t had the time or energy to devote to focusing on this too much, which is refreshing actually.  I typically over-think this area of my life.

I have been still going back and forth about writing.  On one hand, I think IEW would be good if we go super slow.  It’s very thorough and is very structured, which I think my boys need.  On the other hand, I keep thinking that some simple writer’s workshop will work until they hit the writing assignments in The Good and the Beautiful (WW is similar to the way they teach writing, it just doesn’t come for a while).  Hard part is, there just isn’t much writing in this level or the next, so it would be a few years.  Either way, I’m going to hold on to what writing curriculum that I do have because I might change my mind, and I want to have it to turn to.  Most of what I have purchased has been cheap and/or used.

I ordered to Latchmate bins to store all of their independent work and supplies in our kitchen/dining area since we don’t have a school room anymore (I’ll get to that in a bit).  It will help things to be more organized, and it is puppy proof.  Haha.

I got the bins for $10 each plus 40% off of one.  They are like $25 EACH on Amazon.  I got mine on Michaels.com.

I’m looking forward to doing some organizing!  I just want to feel better so that I am motivated to do that.

I plan to also organize our schedule/routine to make it more seamless.  I am going to use a loop schedule for content subjects (history, science, and nature studies).  I will be using the spiral notebook system that Sarah Mackenzie talks about. Basically writing out the things that each kiddo needs to do the next day in a simple spiral notebook.  No schedule typed out and put on the wall that they never look at.

I was reminded of the loop scheduling in this book (first read about it in Teaching From Rest) and also learned about the simplicity of the spiral notebook system.  I also used this book to write a vision.  Everything else was stuff I already know or use.

Our Trip to NM

The first week of camp, Karis and Levi went to camp and Ethan stayed at my parents’. Robert and I took a trip to NM and even though I wasn’t feeling amazing, it was so nice. We started by meeting an online friend in Las Cruces (I have “known” her online since I was pregnant with Ethan). Then we drove to the Gila National Forest. We camped in our rooftop tent, played games, ate well, and drove around the forest a lot. We then drove to Chaco Canyon and learned a lot about the Native Americans that lived there 1,000 years ago. It was so awesome. Then we drove to my in-laws and stayed there one night before we drove home. We left Monday and came home Friday.


I am so so excited about this area of our life.  We have tried 4 churches and just haven’t felt that those churches were for us.  So we have gone back and forth about just not going to church because 1) it’s difficult because of the distance and 2) we just didn’t have much motivation to go because each church had something that made it difficult, and 3) We often feel that the “church” is just an institution and we live among lots of Christians that we fellowship with.

Several of our past interns ended up working at the church that we visited.  Two friends are the youth director and assistant youth director.  I can’t remember what the other one does, but she’s so awesome.  I started talking to one friend about the church, then I decided to look it up online.  Wow is all I can say.  The church has amazing programs for kids and teens and has many Sunday school classes to choose from for adults.

I was excited about all of that, then we went on Sunday and we were blown away.  The kids said as we were walking out that they want to become members.  Crazy!  The senior pastor brought the WORD, was vulnerable, and intentional.  The kids listened to the sermon and each got something out of it.  None of us felt like we were going to fall asleep (like our last two churches that we visited). The worship was amazing… contemporary style.  I also know who is going to become the worship leader soon, and I’m excited about that.  It’s everything I need in a church.  I can actually see us getting involved there.  Robert feels the same way I do!

Oh, and we’re having lunch with the pastor and his wife on Sunday!  I sent him some questions that I have about the church’s beliefs and doctrine and he said it would be better to answer in person.  So, he suggested that we meet!  It’s not a small church, but he feels that it’s important!

One of the associate pastor’s wife is my friend’s sister (that friend used to live here).  The church comes here (to camp) often for retreats and things.  We have lots of connections!  They also know the distance and understand when we can’t be there.  But like I said, I WANT to go!

Re-Arranged Things in our Home

On our way home from my parents’ house a week and a half ago, I decided to sacrifice my office/school room for the boys to have their own rooms.  It has been so so great.  They actually intentionally play now.  I was hoping that their rooms would be kept cleaner, but at least it’s just one person’s stuff instead of both boys’ things in one room.  Levi keeps his room cleaner!

My office furniture and things moved into my room mostly, with lots of the kids’ books in the boys’ rooms on their shelves.

My room/Office Area:

Ethan’s Room:

Levi’s Room:

I have been working on this blog post for several days now.  Being sick with strep has definitely thrown me off.

I am so ready for routine!

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