Plan for Fun and Simple Homeschooling, 2019-2020

I have been working on my plan for next year for a while.  I have added to and taken away.  I think I have finalized my plan, but knowing me, it’ll probably change a little here and there.

I had planned to not really do writing (except for free writing and the few writing assignments in The Good and the Beautiful), but someone reminded me that I had the Partnership Writing projects from Brave Writer so I decided to add those to my loop just for fun.  I shared them with the boys and Levi wanted to start tonight.  I think that’s a good sign!  I’m going to keep it simple and not stress about it.

I’m super excited about this coming year!  I have some fun things planned, the loop schedule will keep things simple even when we do fun activities, and we will have a full year!  Both boys are feeling really good about homeschooling for good now, which is huge.

Anyway, here’s my plan!  I will be working more specifically on things over the rest of the summer, like specific activities for history, etc.

2019-2020 Plan


Morning Time (together)

Read aloud- The Hotel Between, The Tale of Despereaux, The Cay, The One and Only Ivan, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and picture books here and there.

The Story for Kids (this is our Bible study)
One chapter per week (add in some activities along with the readings).

Daily copywork/dictation. I will use a jar full of quotes from amazing books, poems, Bible verses, song lyrics, etc for them to copy or for me to dictate to them.  

Tuesday- Tuesday Teatime (do the read alouds while having teatime)

Friday- Friday Freewrites (do this instead of read alouds)

Math (together)

Gamma and Delta

We may not complete these, but I’m trying to get them caught up and a lot of Gamma will be review since they both did multiplication in public school.  They just need review and they don’t know how to multiply multiple digit numbers.

Language Arts (mostly independent)

The Good and the Beautiful LA

Covers phonics, reading, grammar, writing, spelling, poetry, art appreciation, artist study, and geography.

Level 3

Levi- Lesson 19-130

Ethan- Lesson 9-130

Level 4

Mid spring semester


The Good and the Beautiful covers this. They will also read for 25 minutes from a novel.

Afternoon Loop (together):

Nature Studies

Nature Anatomy plus other resources.

August- Water bodies

September- Forest Floor

October- Trees and Leaves

November- Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils

December- Celestial and snowflakes

January- Weather

February- Birds

March- Wildflowers and bees

April- Bugs

May- Animal Types


Story of the World

Use the activity book to include map work, writing activities, and fun activities as we can.  


The Good and the Beautiful Marine Biology (if we finish this, we will do another unit)

Bravewriter Partnership Writing Projects

September- Secret Codes

October- Personal Time-Line

November- Homonym Mini-Book

December- Five W’s

January- Imaginary Continent or Island Chain

February- Lap Book: Tall Tale or Greek Myth

March- Month of Days

April- Mail Order Catalog

May- Written Narrations

The Loop just basically means that we will just do one of those each day, and we will just be going in order.  It’s not a schedule by day of the week or anything so I’ll never feel behind.

I will utilize the spiral notebook system.  I will just simply write what they will be doing in their spiral notebook each day so they have a checklist.  This way, if we are adding something that day or leaving something off, they won’t have a checklist in “stone” that will have to be updated.  

I’m trying to get back to relaxed, simple, and fun!


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