Updated School Plan Including Karis’s Plan, 2019-2020

Luckily it didn’t take much time to add to the plan since I already pretty much knew what curriculum I was going to use (and the assessments for levels had already been done).  I’m looking forward to this year so much!

Daily Plan

Morning Time (together)

Read aloud- The Colors of the Rain, The Woods, The One and Only Ivan, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Stone Fox, Number the Stars, and The Tale of Despereaux. 

Picture books here and there.  

These especially: Unspoken, The Legend of the Bluebonnet, Cheyenne Again, Smoky Nights, Baloney, How Many Days to America, The Rough-Face Girl, Just the Way You Are, You Are Special, The Relatives Came, All You Ever Need, Because I Love You, Fireflies, Library Mouse (and a Friend’s Tale), With You All the Way, holiday and seasonal books, and numerous books during our Marine Biology unit.

Bible study- The Story for Kids 

  • One chapter per week (add in some activities along with the readings). 

Copywork/Dictation- Using a spiral notebook and copywork jar, they will do copywork.  I will use their copywork as their dictation passage.  I plan to type up quotes from good literature, the Bible, picture books, poetry, etc for them to draw out and copy.

Tuesday- Tuesday Teatime (do the read alouds while having teatime)

Friday- Friday Freewrites (do this instead of read alouds)

Math (together)

Gamma and Delta (for the boys)

We may not complete these, but I’m trying to get them caught up and a lot of Gamma will be review since they both did multiplication in public school.  They just need review and they don’t know how to multiply multiple digit numbers.  

Delta and Epsilon (for Karis)

I went far back for her to fill in gaps.  We will move through quickly. We may even complete 3 levels because I will only be focused on what she doesn’t know, but we’ll see.  

Language Arts (mostly independent)

The Good and the Beautiful LA

Covers phonics, reading, grammar, writing, spelling, poetry, art appreciation, artist study, and geography (and art instruction for levels 4 and up).  We will move through the first level pretty quickly.


  • Level 3 (fall- skip diagramming because I don’t care about that)
  • Level 4 (spring semester)


  • Level 5 (fall- skip diagramming and do two lessons per day)
  • Level 6 (spring semester)


Each kiddo will read aloud to me using the reader from The Good and the Beautiful LA.

They will each read independently from a novel of their choice for 25 minutes.  

Bravewriter Partnership Writing Projects (boys)

  • September- Secret Codes
  • October- Personal Time-Line
  • November- Homonym Mini-Book
  • December- Five W’s
  • January- Imaginary Continent or Island Chain
  • February- Lap Book: Tall Tale or Greek Myth
  • March- Month of Days
  • April- Mail Order Catalog 
  • May- Written Narrations

Bravewriter Faltering Ownership Writing Projects (Karis)

  • September- Dust Jacket Book Review
  • October- Mini Report: Natural Disasters
  • November- Diary: History Person
  • December- End of Year Family Letter
  • January- Headlines (Party School Report)
  • February- Oral Report (Party School Report)
  • March- The Pitch (Advertisement) (Party School Report)
  • April- Deep Dive Into Literary Elements (Party School Report)
  • May- Drafting and Completing Report

The Brave Writer projects won’t be worked on every day.  We will loosely follow the schedule that came with the program.  I will create a weekly plan each Sunday.

Karis Science

Master Books General Science 1- Survey of Earth and Sky (Ocean, Astronomy, Weather, and Mineral)

She will do this daily, independently.

Afternoon Loop:

Nature Studies

Use Nature Anatomy plus other resources (I have a separate page with the specifics for each week).

  • August- Water bodies
  • September- Forest Floor
  • October- Trees and Leaves
  • November- Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
  • December- Celestial and snowflakes
  • January- Weather
  • February- Birds
  • March- Wildflowers and bees
  • April- Bugs
  • May- Animal Types

Use mixed media notebooks for them to journal about nature using pencils, charcoal, water color, crayola paints, pastels, colored pencils, etc.  


The Good and the Beautiful Marine Biology (if we finish this unit, we will pick another one for the fall, but we might not finish)


The Story of the World, Ancient Times

Use the activity book to include map work, writing activities, and fun activities as we can.  

I plan to use library books here and there to add depth and we will regularly use the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History.

Karis will answer written questions for each chapter and will do written narration.

Extra Info

The loop means that we go in order and just do one per day instead of assigning specific days to subjects.  This allows more flexibility because we’ll never be “behind.”  Also, we are going to take the science super slow.  It’s created to be a pretty short unit, but we may use it through the whole year.  They are getting a lot through nature studies also.    

I will utilize the spiral notebook system.  I will just simply write what they will be doing in their spiral notebook each day so they have a checklist.  This way, if we are adding something that day or leaving something off, they won’t have a checklist in “stone” that will have to be updated.  

I decided on Brave Writer projects because they are a fun and creative to get them writing.  They all struggle with writing and pretty much hate it.  They all didn’t write very much in public school.  The boys have very little writing instruction in level 3 of TGTB (like 4 lessons that I don’t think we will even do).  Karis has more in level 5, and I’m going to see how it goes (we may or may not do the writing lessons), but we’re adding the writing projects for fun!

I love TGTB because of the phonics instruction (especially for Ethan), the grammar is thorough, the reading is different than what they would normally pick (more classic), art appreciation and artist instruction is amazing, etc.

But I’m trying really hard to let go of the systematic way of doing writing.  I was going to do IEW and decided that my kids will hate it.  I shared with them what the writing projects are and they wanted to start right away.  They don’t even see them as writing curriculum but fun projects!  I’m trying to be more laid back!

I’m going to give it a year and see how it goes.

The Good and the Beautiful (LA and Science for the boys), Math U See, and Story of the World have been consistent.  I have struggled with what to do for writing all along, and I haven’t been consistent with nature studies.  I wanted something more junior high level for Karis, so we are trying Masterbooks (I’m not a fan of Apologia, really, but will use it if we need to).

I have felt bad about myself for being inconsistent with a few things because I have a friend that has been consistent from the beginning of homeschooling her kids, but it’s actually pretty common to struggle with a few subjects and to try different things!  That’s why the buy/sell groups on FB are so busy :-).

I think we have figured out out curriculum.  I’m going to try to use it all year this coming year.  We’ll see what happens!

Here is our schedule/routine:

Weekly Schedule

  • Mondays- Morning time and math in the morning, AA in town, and they will do independent work at the library.  
  • Tuesdays through Friday- follow the daily routine
  • Saturday- Family day and weekend chores
  • Sunday- Church, picnic lunch, grocery pick up, home, then food prep.  I will also plan for the week.

My Daily Routine

  • Before school- 
    • Make bed
    • Take meds
    • Exercise (some days)
    • Get dressed (shower if I exercised)
    • Bible study
    • Breakfast 
    • Brush teeth
    • Start laundry
  • School- 9-noon and 1-2
  • Lunch- noon-1
    • Move laundry
  • After school-
    • Fold, sort, and put away laundry
    • Make dinner

Kids Daily Routine

  • Before school- 
    • Make bed
    • Get dressed
    • Take meds (boys)
    • Breakfast 
    • Brush teeth
  • School- 9-noon and 1-2/3
  • Lunch- noon-1
    • Break
  • After school-
    • Fold and put away their own laundry
    • Dishes
    • Floor chores

Now I just want to start feeling better so that I can live life better.  That’s another post.

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