Trying Something New…

I had a follow up with my GI yesterday after having my endoscopy a few weeks ago.

He said that everything is normal (except for the polyps that he removed).  There are no signs of reflux in my esophagus or stomach.  Also, none of the reflux meds have made a dent (or trying to avoid certain foods).

The next step is trying some treatment for asthma since my main symptoms are chronic cough, shortness of breath, and heaviness in my chest.  I also have a constant runny nose and phlegm in my throat all the time.

He prescribed an oral steroid, steroid inhaler, and rescue inhaler.  I also picked up some Xyzal from the store.  I’m taking the inhalers often right now trying to get control of the cough.  We don’t know for sure if asthma is what is going on.  Next step is going to a pulmonologist.  We have been spending so much money that we don’t have to make me feel better and so far nothing has helped, but my GI thought he would try this before sending me to another expensive specialist.

I had a chest x-ray and it was clear.  My lungs usually sound clear.  My oxygen levels are usually perfect.  No cough medications work (including prescription).  Reflux meds don’t work.  It doesn’t really matter what I eat or drink.  A rescue inhaler on its own does nothing (I’m hoping that adding in a steroid inhaler will make a difference… it takes a while to start working).  I did research on all of my meds and none of them cause cough (some of them said it was an extremely rare side effect and some didn’t have it on the list at all).

So.  At this point I’m thinking that if this doesn’t help, I will go to a pulmonologist.  Then if that doesn’t help, I will try another GI.  But I’m going to just HOPE that this is IT.  My cough hasn’t been quite as bad today, but I’m not going to hold my breath (haha).

In the meantime, I’m going to attempt to just live life!  Do planning for school.  Walk my pup each night.  Eat in the dining hall because at the moment I CAN (I haven’t been able to lately).  Go to church.  Have deep conversations.  Serve God by pouring into others.  Practice self care. Maybe start working on my CBE class (as usually this has NOT been first priority, ever).  Read.  Blog.  Play games.  Go to AA.  Do my best to NOT spend any money.  I have been kind of loosely spending lately (including on credit even though I hadn’t done that in a few years), I think, because it makes me happy and I’m struggling with that at the moment.  It’s not an excuse, it’s just an explanation.  I need to work on this.

August 19th-22nd is our staff retreat and we are all excited about it this year!  Since we are homeschooling, we can all participate in it.  Last year our kids started school in the middle of it so it was pretty tough.  And of course Ethan came home with a ton of homework on day one (which was a huge red flag for all of the parents).  I’m so thankful for the freedom that our family has now.  It’s pretty amazing.  We go to HEB camp.  It’s about 45 minutes away and it is beautiful.  We stay in these amazing cabins, swim in multiple swimming areas, play games, worship, eat amazing food, get to know each other better, and so much more!  I cannot wait!

At the beginning of September, camp has a community play day, and I have invited our Wild + Free Group to it!  I’m hoping to get to know some families and I HOPE we can participate in activities throughout the year.  We’ll see.  It’s kind of hard because it’s not close!

At some point in the fall we plan to spend some time my in-law’s in the mountains.  It’ll be so nice to be able to get away during the “school year!”

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