Starting Our Year with a Bang!

Writing has been super hard lately.  I don’t really know why, but the words just haven’t been coming effortlessly like they do at times.

That’s okay.  My blog is for me anyway.  This is the reason I have never pursued monetizing it… I just don’t want to ever feel like I HAVE to write.  It’s a creative outlet for me.  A help for some.  And a place to keep my recipes.  That’s about it.


I just have to say.  This week has been so so amazing so far.

Sunday morning I started writing about how worried I was that starting school would be really hard.  I have been struggling all summer and some of the spring with my health and I have been sleeping in late for a long time.  I struggled in the spring, even, to get up early.  I just thought I wouldn’t be able to make earlier mornings work.  I convinced myself of this.

I also still haven’t been feeling well.  I can definitely tell a difference since I gave up dairy, but some days I still feel pretty badly… it’s especially bad at night.

The past few days prove to me that we can do/handle what we tell ourselves we can.

Sunday the kids told me that they were ready to start school (what?!), so I decided to get off my butt and get busy.

I did a re-arrange/organization/deep cleaning of my bed room/office.  It still makes me so happy to walk in there.  It made it super open and now I sleep right by the door.  I have switched up my sleeping arrangements so much that I actually fall asleep better at night and wake up easier in the mornings.  It has changed my life completely.  I had a feeling it would, which is why I felt such a strong desire to make the effort to change it.  Robert wasn’t even here when I did it.  Ethan helped me a bit and I did the rest myself.

I have woken up before 7:30 the past two days (7:00 yesterday), and it feels like my new norm already.  I am completely shocked at how easy it has been.  I did take a nap yesterday, but I didn’t take one today and while I’m tired, I’m fine!  I actually brought Karis to town to go to a youth group girls event at the church, and I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop.

Okay.  Now to show off my hard work and how our first two days of school have gone!

This is my homeschooling area in our kitchen/dining room:

Our bedroom/office:

My new planner is awesome.  It’s a Happy Planner and while it wasn’t the one I wanted (I wanted the 3 block one), it’s actually pretty cool!

I planned some things for the month.

School has gone so smoothly.  Yesterday was a little rocky routine wise because we were trying to figure out how to fit Karis into everything, but today was so so good.

We are only doing our skill subjects (read alouds, math, language arts, reading), Bible, and history at the moment.  Karis joins us for our read aloud then does everything else independently.

The kids start with reading independently and writing in their reading log.

Then I read to them.

When I read aloud, I let the kids do things to keep their hands busy, and I have noticed a huge increase in retention this way. They play with play dough, cars, Legos, and they color.

Our math is so great.  I had to start all the kids a bit lower than their “grade level,” but I’m hoping we can get through them quickly.

The Good and the Beautiful LA is so great.  It teaches grammar, writing, phonics, poetry, geography, and artist study/art appreciation.

Alright, now I have been shot down by someone who is a “counselor” in the coffee shop who doesn’t seem to think homeschooling is so great, I guess it’s time to go pick Karis up…

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