September 2019 Plans

Technically we are starting on August 26th, but it’s close enough.

I had the whole year planned out, then I decided to change everything, so now I’m mostly focusing on a month at a time.  I have the novels picked out through December (mostly using Brave Writer Arrows and Boomerangs), but the rest of the pieces will slowly come together.

I’m pretty obsessed with planning and homeschooling these days.  It’s all soooo much fun now!


Math will be pretty consistent.  This is probably the only pieces of our school that won’t involve extensive planning each month and week.

They will be doing one lesson a day, worksheets A and D, until it gets too hard then we’ll slow down.  I started them below their “grade level” because they needed some gaps filled.  We are currently using Math U See because I really feel like it’s a good way for them to easily understand and get caught up.  I love that it is multi-sensory: hands on, video, and worksheet.  The kids have learned so much from it.

Language Arts 

Reading and Grammar

We are reading The Colors of the Rain by my friend R.L. Toalson.  It is a novel in verse and is about desegregation in the early 70s, in Houston.

The kids know what slavery is, but we are going to read/learn about the underground railroad, segregation/desegregation, racism, and diversity (and the beauty of it).

Each day I will read about 14 pages from The Colors of the Rain (there aren’t chapters).

I will teach these grammar skills each week through this text:

  1. Common and proper nouns
  2. Adjectives
  3. Verbs- different types and how they are used in this novel
  4. Poetry punctuation

I plan it use this book to explain some things and will use some printed resources from Teachers Pay Teachers to expand.

I will also be teaching these reading strategies/skills with the books in parentheses (the books have similar themes with the novel):

  1. Making inferences (Unspoken and Henry’s Freedom Box)
  2. Questioning (Cheyenne Again)
  3. Sequencing (How Many Days to America)
  4. Theme (Smoky Night)

I will teach the strategy/skill using the picture book (mentor text) and they will apply it to the book that they are independently reading each day (they get to choose).

These are the “posters” to explain the strategy/skill.

They have a reading response journal where they do their responding to the novel that they are reading (they get to choose).  Sometimes I use graphic organizers, sometimes I use sentence stems or questions, etc.

I will also read a few other picture books just to continue teaching them about diversity and desegregation.

  • Through My Eyes
  • Separate is Never Equal
  • Any books that I come across through the month that apply


We are doing a Brave Writer writing project.  I am alternating Partnership Writing/Faltering Ownership for all three kids and just kind of scaling up/down for each kid based on their needs (this year and next year).  I didn’t want to try to make two different levels work.

This month we will be doing the Partnership Writing project of a Personal Timeline.

The kids will also be doing copywork/dictation through our novel (I will pick excerpts).


The Story of the World Ancient Times 

  • Chapter 11- Ancient Africa
  • Chapter 12- The Middle Kingdom of Egypt
  • Chapter 13- The New Kingdom of Egypt
  • Chapter 14- The Israelites Leave Egypt

I do everything with the boys and Karis does this all independently.  The boys do everything orally at this point (I will transition them to written eventually), and Karis does it all written.  This includes asking questions and narration.

Geography, Culture, Art

We are studying Africa.  I’m currently still waiting for books to come in (gotta love buying used), but these are the resources.

Our main text will be the book: Amazing Africa Projects You Can Build Yourself.  When I bought it, I assumed it was only projects, but there is so much info in the book that we’ll start here.  We’ll use the other resources to branch out.

I ordered a book that I haven’t received yet called African Art for art appreciation and artist studies.

I have some resources from Teachers Pay Teachers that I will be using as well.


The Story for Kids (for the boys)

  • Chapter 10- Messages from God (story of Hannah)
  • Chapter 11- From Shepherd to King (Samuel)
  • Chapter 12- A King Makes Bad Choices (David)
  • Chapter 13- The King Who Had All (Solomon)

I read the chapter a bit at a time through the week, ask the questions, then read it out of the actual Bible (ESV).  Sometimes we do little activities.

Karis is doing a Bible study called All Things New- Teen Girls’ Bible Study: A Study on 2 Corinthians for Teen Girls


We will be learning astronomy and using Planetarium as our base “text.”  I will expand using the other books pictured.  Most of these books are secular, which is fine with me.  I feel like it’s my job to teach them what God’s word says BUT also teach them about the fact that we don’t know all there is to know.

We will be studying astronomy for two months following this plan (3 days per week):

  1. Looking at space
  2. The Solar System: planets
  3. The Solar System: dwarf planets, comets & asteroids, exoplanets
  4. The Sun
  5. The Night Sky
  6. The Stars: stellar births and the life cycle of stars
  7. The Stars: Stellar deaths and black holes
  8. Galaxies

Karis is studying weather through General Science 1 (Masterbooks).  This is a junior high curriculum.  We’re going to see how this goes and see if it’s even necessary to do a separate curriculum.  She will do this daily.

Nature Studies

We will focus two topics each month.  Nature Anatomy is our main text and I will be using the other books to go along with it.  The goal is to be able to go out into the camp trails, the river, and other areas and apply what we learn.  They have watercolor books to record their findings.

This month we will be focusing on:

  • Rocks and minerals
  • Sky by day (clouds, rainbows, etc)


We will do our read aloud(s), discuss grammar, and reading strategies/skills. They have lots of options to keep their hands busy while listening (plus coloring and mazes not pictured).

The boys and I will do history and Bible during this time.

The boys will do math.

Karis will go off and do her history, Bible, science, and math.

They will all do their independent reading/responding.

Hopefully all of this is completed by lunch, but I’m flexible.

The plan is to do writing projects, science, nature studies in the afternoon.


I plan for a month at a time and plan the specifics each week in a document on Google Docs.

I will say that I’m completely aware that this is a LOT.  And I’m aware that we will probably miss something or choose to skip something.  I love that!  I did that as a teacher and I do that as a homeschooling teacher.

The kids and I are all ready to start! We have one more week till then!

We’re all excited about staff retreat this week!!

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