First Week of School Plans

Morning Time (Language Arts):

  • Monday
    • Have candles lit, tea/coffee, homemade breakfast
    • Discuss an overview of my plans, come up with goals together, routine, etc. 
    • Teach inferencing through the wordless book Unspoken– E + PK=I (Evidence from text + Prior Knowledge = Inference)
    • Play the inferencing game
  • Tuesday
    • Read aloud Henry’s Freedom Box and practice making inferences through it.  
    • Review common and proper nouns.
    • Read 14 pages in Colors of the Rain while focusing on common and proper nouns.
    • BW Writing Project, Personal Timeline in the form of a scrap book (Levi is doing this)
      • Collect photos and important documents
      • Select quotes (from self, family, and friends)
      • Select events to include
      • Write descriptions of events
      • Arrange material into a chronological sequence in a format that can be published
    • BW Writing Project, Wild Words (Karis and Ethan are doing this)
      • Collect words
      • Create a wordpool
  • Wednesday
    • Practice inferencing through Henry’s Freedom Box.
    • Review common and proper nouns through Colors of the Rain.  
    • Copywork from Colors of the Rain.
    • BW Writing Project 
  • Thursday
    • Practice inferencing and review common and proper nouns through Colors of the Rain.
    • Dictation from copywork.
    • BW Writing Project 
  • Friday
    • Poetry Teatime
      • Brownies
    • Free Write


  • Boys
    • Monday- Read half of the chapter/answer questions
    • Tuesday- Read the second half of the chapter/answer questions
    • Wednesday/Friday- Read out of the Bible/oral narration 
  • Karis
    • Follow daily plan


  • Boys
    • Read- Ancient Africa
    • Questions
    • Narration
    • Map work
  • Karis
    • Follow daily plan

Independent Reading, Daily

  • Daily- Read for 30 minutes, make inferences in reading response journal (E+PK=I), and find 3 common and 3 proper nouns. 

Karis Science

    • Follow daily plan (a lesson a day)


  • One lesson per day
    • Watch video for the lesson
    • Complete pages A and D of that lesson

Afternoon Loop (most of these are for the boys, but Karis wants to join in for fun)

Nature Studies:

  • Read about the different types of rocks
  • Hike and look for rocks
  • Record in nature journal using watercolor, colored pencils, or charcoal pencils


  • Organize science journals
  • Lab 1, Making observations 
  • Lab 3, Determining directions

Geography/Cultural Studies:

  • Introduction- One Continent, Many Worlds
  • Read and discuss vocabulary
  • Read chapter one- Natural Wonders
  • Read about the rainforest in The Great Kapok Tree.
  • Make your own rainforest vine

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