Our Homeschool Week, Not a Normal Week

Our Homeschool This Week

We have been super busy and we have two more busy weeks ahead (this week and next week).  I have decided to have them do independent work today and just do school tomorrow through Friday and Monday through Wednesday of next week.  The beauty of homeschooling year round now is that we can do that sort of thing as needed.

This past weekend we had a huge mountain bike festival here at camp.  I worked in the coffee shop Saturday and Sunday Ethan did his race.  It’s always so fun, but also super tiring.

Yesterday I went for a run with Robert and I tripped and fell while running.  I got scraped up and bruised and my whole body hurt.  I showered then took a nap till about 1.  The kids and I cleaned up the house, then my new Walkabout mentee came over and hung out for a few hours!  It was so great.  I’m so excited about spending time with her once a week.  I’m also doing AA with a WA student weekly.

Tonight is a progressive dinner thing with the facilitators and tomorrow I’m having dinner with the Walkabouts because it’s my mentee’s birthday.

Friday afternoon/evening the kids are going into town for groceries and we plan to go to the Kerrville Farmer’s Market (this is sort of a “field trip”).

Saturday our Wild + Free group is coming to our Community Play Day, so that’ll be super fun!

Sunday is church if all works out, and if not, we will go to the Walkabout worship service here at camp.

Monday we are having a dinner with our community group, then Tuesday we are having dinner with our Walkabout HAF home.

Wednesday we are heading into town for Ethan’s well check and med check, then Wednesday night we will have church, then we’ll head to my parents’.  Thursday we are going to the Science Mill Museum for homeschool day (Aerospace) with my best friend and her two boys!

Whew.  I’m tired just thinking about all that’s coming up.

Okay… so here’s my school plan:

Morning Time/Language Arts (and History and Bible for the boys)

For reading, I will teach them about questioning while reading to think deeply about what is being read.  I will use Cheyenne Again and How Many Days to America to teach this skill.  The way that I will teach is by explaining thick and thin questions.  The goal is to ask as many thick questions as possible.

We will practice together as I continue reading our book The Colors of the Rain.

They will practice while reading independently, asking 2 thin and 3 thick questions, and answering them in their reading response journal.

For grammar, I am continuing review/practice of nouns.  This week we are focusing on singular and plural nouns.  They will add to their grammar notebook, then practice finding plural nouns in their reading, then record them in their response journal.  They will write the rule next to the word (we will number them so all they have to do is put the number.  The boys will also get to play the “Picnic Plurals” game together.

We will begin dictation this week.  I will read a portion of the book that we’re reading and they will write it.  I will check for correct spelling and punctuation, and what they spell wrong will be practiced in their spelling spiral.  They will be able to choose how they practice from a list that I created.

We will also continue the Wild Words writing project.  This week is broken up into 5 days.  That’s actually super helpful.

Tuesday we will do Poetry Teatime and Free-write (we normally do it on Fridays, but will adjust since these weeks are weird).

History and Bible

History and Bible

This will stay the same each week for the most part… we just go in order.

For history, we read a section at a time, do the narration and questions, and map work.  Karis does all of this on her own.

I read a chapter a week of The Story for Kids to the boys and then I read it out of my Bible.

Karis is working through a teen girl’s Bible study on 2 Corinthians.


They are still working quickly through the levels that they are in.  The boys are halfway through already (in just a week and a half), and Karis is getting close to halfway.  They are doing mostly well!

The boys and I will work on memorizing their multiplication facts through my friend’s songs that he wrote.  They have them mostly memorized, but I want to solidify it more.


Afternoon Loop

My plan was rocks for nature studies and astronomy for science, but they are both nature studies pretty much so I have felt like it was over-kill (we just didn’t get to astronomy). I have decided to not do astronomy for now, just rock studies.  We will do astronomy next.

So we will just alternate science/nature studies and geography/culture studies each day.

For our rock study, we are studying igneous rocks.  We will read about them, watch a video, fill out a graphic organizer, study igneous rocks in our rock collection, and find them in nature (and journal about them).

This video is so helpful: Igneous Rocks Introduction.

For Africa studies, we are going to learn about “natural wonders,” make a rainforest vine, study some African art, and start memorizing the countries.


The marker board is ready.  They enjoy being able to check things off, and I like that I can change things easily.  They know exactly what to do each day.  This is just their independent work.  Karis’s work is mostly independent (after morning time), but the boys do a lot with me.

We will be starting this tomorrow!



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