Plans for the Week

I decided to put my plans all in one place instead of in separate posts.  So in this post you will see my meal plan and my school plan.  Both will be pretty relaxed!

Meal Plan


  • Fried eggs, fruit, and toast with Earth Balance “butter”
  • Green protein smoothie and pumpkin muffin or whole wheat flax waffle with PB
  • Pumpkin spice oatmeal (instant pot)
  • Egg sandwich and fruit 
  • Potato and egg breakfast tacos


  • Sandwich with meat and cheese (dairy free for me), fruit, veggie tray
  • PBJ sandwich, plantain chips, and veggie tray 
  • Mac and cheese, veggie tray
  • Green protein smoothie and pumpkin muffin or whole wheat flax waffle with PB
  • Quesadillas (black bean and cheddar)
  • Dining hall on T/Th


  • Monday, 9/30- Chili and rice
  • Tuesday, 10/1- Dining hall (tenders)
  • Wednesday, 10/2- Finger foods: boiled eggs, salami, cheese, veggies, fruit, and triscuits (going to church)
  • Thursday, 10/3- Dining hall (tacos)
  • Friday, 10/4- Brinner (bacon, eggs, and muffins)
  • Saturday, 10/5- Mini meat loaves, mashed potatoes, and broccoli
  • Sunday, 10/6- Venison roast, brown rice, and salad


  • Clif bar
  • Nature’s Bakery blueberry or raspberry fig bars 
  • RX bar 
  • Granola bars 
  • Fruit and veggies 
  • Chips and hummus 
  • Boiled eggs 🥚 
  • Muffin 
  • Plantain chips 

School Plan

Morning Time (with the boys)

  • Read aloud (still reading The Colors of the Rain)
  • Bible (The Story for Kids, reading about David)
  • History (from Easy Peasy- Early American history)
  • Science (with Levi only)

Independent Work 

  • Read 30 minutes
  • Math (1 lesson- video and pages A and D)
  • Science (Ethan and Karis do it independently)
  • History (Karis)
  • Language arts (two lessons each day)

Tuesday is Tuesday Teatime. I will have poetry books and picture books available to choose from. I will make pumpkin muffins.

Friday is Friday Free Write. I will let the kids choose a topic.

Levi and I will start reading about observation in science and read a bit about observing space.

The boys and I will just go in order for history.

On Mondays the kids just do their independent work because it’s library and AA day.

I didn’t have time to finish my post before AA so I got it finished tonight!

Next post will be talking about what I did today when I got home. I’m clearing up mental and emotional noise/clutter one step at a time.


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