Beautiful Life


I had a pretty crazy 4-5 days.  I actually didn’t leave the house, which was nice, but it was busy nonetheless.  I did a whole lot of organizing and cleaning.  Like there’s not really anything that I didn’t go through except that I didn’t touch the kids’ rooms (I’m kind of over helping them organize because they don’t keep it that way).  But.  I organized some shelves in the living room, spaces in the kitchen (cabinets, pantry, freezer, and fridge), my bedroom/office/dresser/closet, my bathroom cabinets, and the play/reading room (the room and closet).

Friday night I had like 11 gap year students over for homemade chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and Werewolf.  Sunday night I had 3 gap year students and two other full time staff over for dinner, dessert, and a movie.  And Robert was gone the whole time all of this was happening.  AND I didn’t get much sleep each night because I was just so motivated and focused.

I’m tired, but I’m super thankful for all that is going on in my life!

In addition to homeschooling going so so so well, I have decided to start working on my childbirth education training again.  Here’s a post about it: Stay Tuned…

I’m going to try to block out some time each day to be intentional and truly study well.  I have historically done a little here, a little there, struggling to focus or really pay attention.  But I think my newfound vision for my business is going to help.  Plus I have some actual plans in place to be able to teach.  It’s a ministry for me (here at camp and in town), and I plan to teach some classes online as well.

Despite STILL having this stupid chronic cough, I’m trying to focus on the good and just keep trucking!  I’m working on a few things to see if it helps.  One day at a time!

I should receive the results of my food intolerance/sensitivity test soon!  With that, I’m going to eliminate my top intolerant foods and go from there!

I also decided yesterday that I needed to try to come at my social media use with some balance.  All or nothing isn’t working for me, so I’m going to try the “all or something” approach (term coined by Balance 365 member).  I decided to start asking myself “Is this intentional?” before I post something instead of posting all the things.  I am pretty terrible about sharing way too much, so I’m going to work on that in a balanced way.


One last thing…

I took over finances because Robert has been so busy and he just doesn’t have time to be organized with it.  I started using the Every Dollar app (which is based on Dave Ramsey’s baby steps).  Robert sold our Jeep to our neighbor which allowed us to pay off a lot of bills (mostly medical + one loan debt) and put money in savings.  I have a budget set up for November.  I will keep using cash for variable expenses because I find that it works best for me.  It’s also one of his principle’s as well.  Also, since putting the income and expenses into the budgeting website/app, I see that we actually have enough money to pay bills, buy things that we need, tithe, and put money in savings every month… in addition to slowly paying off bills!  It gives me so much peace.

I updated my household notebook, but I will do a whole post for that!


Life is beautiful… in the good and the hard.  I’m thankful.

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