November Plans for Homeschool, Personal Development, and Self Care

October has been a great but hard month.  I poured myself out to so many, which is wonderful, but it made me a bit resentful and a lot exhausted.  I also did a lot of things on my own, without Robert.  He was working with volunteers on a house that he is building out here.  And he has been out of town.  I’m just a bit worn.

My plan for November (and December), is to spend time focusing on self care and personal development.  I’m also going to spend time in quality time with my kids and focus on the Thanksgiving story, reading Number the Stars, and doing lots of Thanksgiving writing activities.

January/February are historically really hard months for me (mental health wise), so I’m going to spend time preparing for that in hopes that it won’t be so hard this coming year!

We will still host some (like for HAF Homes and bible study), but I’m not going to do it multiple times a week for a bit.  I need to catch up on rest.

So to start… I’m going to focus on Self Care and Personal Development.

I have a few plans for this month that I’m excited to share.

My habit for this month is movement.  I have been working on this for a long time and have struggled because I have had such an all-or-nothing mindset.  So I’m going to just try to sprinkle some movement in through the week the best I can.  My goal is 1-3 days a week.

I’m planning to join my friend’s gym on Monday.  It’s a small gym in our little town (and there are some great things coming up there!).  I’m going to start the Arm’s Like Annie program by Balance 365.

I’m planning to do yoga and hike once a week also.  We hope to go to Big Bend the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We will just see how cold it’s going to be.

Childbirth Ed Plans

I’m picking up my Childbirth Ed training and have some great things in the works for this in 2020!  I will be teaching classes in multiple ways and am super excited.  I will share as things are more solidified.

I plan to focus on re-reading the Physiology in Labor and Birth book + Your Medical Mind for the months of November-December. I will also start trying to find someone to observe.  I will be contacting the WIC office in Kerrville and looking into places in San Antonio.  It’s hard since I’m so far from cities, but I’ll figure it out.

I LOVE my trainer.  We have been chatting a bunch, and she is super encouraging.  She has so much to offer.

The student website has improved SO much and I can read everything in an app as well.  I do prefer the actual books, but I only bought the two main ones.  Everything else I read online or on the app.

Elimination Diet

I received my Everly Well food sensitives test results, and I found out that I have reactions to 17 foods.  A lot of them are combined like cheese, yogurt, and milk.  Wheat and gluten. Almonds, cashews, and peanuts.  Then a few random things like soy, watermelon, sunflower, brown rice, egg yolk, pork, turkey, and some others.  It is definitely helpful!

I have decided to eliminate all of the foods that I have reactions to, and if I feel better, I will add them back in one at a time.  I am already dairy free so that’s helpful!  But the rest is going to be pretty tough.

I bought a bunch of foods that I can have (and a few that I can’t) Wednesday night.  I’m going to be doing a lot of baking and cooking from scratch (which I already do, but this will be a big different since I can’t have wheat/gluten!).

It’s going to take several months to do this process.  A full 4-6 weeks of having NONE of these things, then one at a time for multiple days each.

I’m definitely a “Grocery Geek” and love sharing about the foods that I buy!  Haha.  I’m still working on what I will be doing with it all, but I have a list of ideas.

cash flow planning

Robert and I decided recently that it’s time for me to go back to taking care of finances (mostly because he’s so super busy all the time).  Since then I have started using Every Dollar by Dave Ramsey.  It is so helpful and easy to use.  We sold our Jeep to our neighbor, and we were able to put money in savings and pay off 5 bills.  We will be able to pay off more soon.

I have the budget printed and in my household notebook, and I input expenses and income into the app (or online).  I have been so much more organized these days and it feels so good to get bills paid off!

I know we will go over the budget in some areas, and I know that things will be a little messy, but I also know that it will all work out well in the long run.  It’s a work in progress.

My plan for the month of November is slow, intentional learning.

Morning Time (with boys)

We are going to read Number the Stars and doing a Brave Writer unit on it. Through this, we will study grammar, literary elements, some phonics, and history about the Holocaust. They will have passages for copywork and dictation.

I’m sure I will add some extra practice for grammar each week, but I love how they learn things in context!

We will do Bible through The Action Bible and devotional.

I will read out of The Boys Body Book to the boys a few days a week.

I might add some things from this book for nature study!

Tuesday Teatime

This is something that I always make sure that we do. Some of these days I will read picture books or maybe out of a novel, and we will also read poetry. I’m still working out these details!


We are studying the history of Thanksgiving and discuss the good and the bad of it all. They will read a mini-book about the different perspectives. They will learn about the Native American tribe and the Pilgrims and compare and contrast them. I will read several books about Thanksgiving (and just some fun ones), and we will watch videos and go to interactive websites. These are just a few pics of what we will be doing.


The kids will be doing some fun Thanksgiving writing. They will also do some writing through a Thanksgiving history unit. It’s for grades 6-8 but I’m going to just adjust it to work for all of them.


Levi is moving to the next level on Monday, Karis is about to move to the next level, and Ethan is stalled at corrections. I will be working with him through that this week.

I won’t be doing spelling this month nor will I do a whole lot of extra work. I will do the important stuff well.

Alright… I think this is my longest blog post in a long time! Leave a comment!


One thought on “November Plans for Homeschool, Personal Development, and Self Care

  1. I always love to read your blog!
    You inspire me!
    Love that you are sharing your journey to paying off debt! We are paying off debt too, so I am inspired by the frugal blog!

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