School Plan for Week of November 3rd through 7th

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m working on living a slow, intentional life.  It’s hard in the busyness of life, but I’m going to try super hard.  A true hygge lifestyle.

I’m learning to trust the environment that I have cultivated and the Brave Writer/Wild + Free philosophy.  I also bring some of my education and experience to the table and try to use free resources to plan lessons. I have come so far in how we homeschool and I LOVE where we have landed.

Morning Time

The boys and I will be starting Number the Stars and using the Brave Writer Boomerang novel study.  I love these because they teach mechanics, parts of speech, literary elements, spelling/phonics, etc through context of good literature.

  • They will begin with copywork: a passage from the book.  The second through fourth days they will do dictation with the passage, hopefully improving their spelling, mechanics, and grammar through the practice.
  • We will talk about how dialogue can be used in the opening lines to “hook” the reader.  We will find more examples through our reading.
  • We will learn a bit about the main characters and a bit of history.
  • We will discuss the location of the ending punctuation inside the quotation marks.  I will point it out multiple times throughout.
  • We will read pages 1-34.

We will read some fun Thanksgiving books that we love: A Turkey for Thanksgiving and I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.

For Tuesday Teatime, we will read Thanksgiving Poetry and do some activities.

Karis will do Bible and Language Arts on her own, and the boys and I will read some chapters in The Action Bible. 

All of the kids will read independently for 30 minutes.


Karis will be doing a unit about Thanksgiving for junior high kids, and writing is throughout the unit.  There are 16 lessons, so she will have to work hard.

This week she will:

  • Fill out a KWL chart and virtual field trip
  • Analyze artwork
  • Discover the resources that she will be using for research
  • Begin research using graphic organizer

The boys will:

  • We will do the virtual field trip and KWL chart with Karis.
  • I will read 2 picture books about Thanksgiving.  One is more of a “true story” (1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving) and one is more of the story that we hear most of the time (The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving).  We will compare and contrast together.
  • We will also compare and contrast the Wampanoag’s daily life vs the Pilgrims using a chart.
  • They will do an original writing using Roll a Story resource.

Math U See

Ethan is still working on corrections and I’m sure that will take all week.  I will be working with him on this and we will watch the videos together.

Levi is moving on to the next book: Delta.  For now, he will watch the video and do lessons A and D each day.

Karis will be finishing Epsilon this week and moving on to Zeta.  She said she thinks she will speed through that because she did a lot of that when she was in school.


The boys and I will be focusing on Nature Studies in the month of November.  Karis will do this with us + her own science (Master Books General Science 1, Weather).

We will be using Project Wild for Nature Study.

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