Compare and Contrast Report/Essay


I decided to combine a bit of a Brave Writer Faltering Ownership unit with something that I’ve had planned in order to simplify a bit.

The unit is called a Mini Report, but instead of doing it about a Natural Disaster (we will get there), they will be comparing and contrasting the Wampanoag tribe and English Colonists.

This week they have been doing research using a chart for each, some websites/videos, and several books.  These are the main resources that they used:

The First Thanksgiving

Plimoth Plantation

Levi has needed a bit of help, but overall they have been doing awesome!  I’m there to partner with them as much as they need me!

The boys will draft their paragraphs by doing a series of freewrites.  These consist of using their notes to write from.  Then we will revise, edit, and publish!

The next several weeks look like this:

Today they will finish their research.

Next week is week 2 of the project.  

Monday– we will discuss introduction and what it looks like.  I will help them with this as needed.  We will focus on a hook and the main idea of the research paper.


Tuesday– we will do a freewrite comparing the two.  Comparing means writing about what is similar.

Wednesday– we will do a freewrite contrasting the two.  Contrasting means writing about what is different.

Thursday– we will talk about a conclusion and what it looks like.  They will write a conclusion.  I will help them with this as needed.


Friday– we will catch up on anything that we didn’t get through.

Week 3: Revision

Monday– Process

  1. Gather the freewrites.
  2. Lay them on the floor in the lounge/school room.
  3. Have the kids read them in order.
  4. They will pick the most interesting bit for the opening (hook).
  5. Ask yourself: What’s missing now?  Add it!  If you need to do more research, go directly to the resources.

Tuesday & Wednesday– Reread all the pages in order.

  • Anything you want to move?  Any detail or fact you want to add?  Do that now.
  • Does your opening/introduction hook the reader?
  • Does your conclusion tie everything together?

Thursday- Have your sibling and parent read it.  Ask for feedback.  Any confusing sentences?  Any remaining questions?  Fix those.

Friday- Add visual aids and subheadings.

Week 4: Publishing

Monday– Create the draft

  • Type the report
  • Add photos
  • Print fresh copy

Tuesday– Edit using a visual

  • Edit your own paper and have someone else edit.
  • Fix what was missed.


Wednesday– Publish a clean final draft.

  • Make the changes on the computer.
  • Print a clean copy.
  • Have them read their essay aloud.
  • Make notes of any last changes or mistakes found in the reading.

Thursday– Make final edits

  • Parent reads it to child who listens with eyes closed.  Student makes final comments and changes.  Final changes are the student’s to make alone.
  • Make the changes; print final copy.

Friday– Share with an audience

  • Read the final report to an interested audience.  FaceTime grandparents and read to  siblings.


This is the plan, but we are flexible!  The idea is to just finish the report by Thanksgiving week (since we are taking the week off!).

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