Our Homeschool This Week: November 11th through 15th

We will be home every day this week, and I am thrilled with that.

I’m a home-body these days.  I love warm and cozy.  Organized yet relaxed.  Home cooked meals and hot coffee/hot chocolate.  Christmas lights and soft music.  Home worship.  Cozy schooling.  Curling up on the couch or love eat.  The Hygge lifestyle.

Speaking of… I have been reading a book that describes what Hygge homeschooling looks like, and we have been doing these things for a long time.






Alright… on to my plans for the week!

Morning Time

We are doing a few things.  We are reading out of Number the Stars, doing some dictation, and learning some grammar skills through the book.

We are doing our Bible/devotionals.  Some days we listen to The Action Bible and do those devotionals.  Sometimes we do kid devotionals through YouVersion.  I think learning Bible history is important, but I also think it’s important to learn how to apply the Bible to their lives.  I used to leave this up to church and feel like I was failing them if we didn’t go (we don’t go a ton since we live super far AND because we live in a Christian community).  Now I just teach them the best that I can from home!

I will read aloud some Thanksgiving books.  We also got another one called 1621 that is super informational.  It talks about the true things that happened.


Tuesday we have Tuesday Teatime.  We will read some books, poetry, and have hot tea/hot chocolate.


Writing and History

We are still working on comparing and contrasting the Wampanoag tribe and English Colonists and using the Brave Writer writing process to complete this (plus some other resources).  You can read about that here: Compare and Contrast Report/Essay.


Ethan is still working on finishing up corrections, but he’s almost done.  He will move on to the next level of math probably Tuesday.


Levi is flying through the first lessons of the next level.  He watches the video and does worksheet A and D each day.

Karis is finishing up the level that she’s on this week and will be starting a new book.

Karis’s Independent Work

She does Bible, science, history, and language arts independently.  Since she

Independent Reading

All of them read for 30 minutes each day.


We do almost everything in our “lounge”/school room.  It’s super cozy in there with the Christmas lights and candles.

Looking forward to another week of Hygge Homeschooling!

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