What Does Wild + Free Homeschooling Look Like For Us?

The Wild + Free website says:

It says nothing about methods, educational philosophies, or a certain way to homeschool.  It just shares about giving our children a quality education (whatever that means for our own family) and to let our kids be kids (in whatever way works for our family).

I was so thrilled to learn about this “movement.”  I have struggled so much with what our homeschooling should look like based on all of the educational philosophies out there (and my experience as a teacher in a classroom), and it took me so long to realize that it’s okay to incorporate many into our homeschool.  It’s okay if our homeschool is 100% unique to our unique family.

I have learned so much this year about who I am and what our family goals are.  I have learned that it’s totally okay to let go of boxed curriculum and workbooks.  In fact, in my opinion, they aren’t the best at giving a quality education.  At least for us.  We still use some curriculum, but I also incorporate my own education and experience into our homeschool.  And many other things!

Here’s how the Wild + Free mission fits into our homeschool and family:

We incorporate some of the Charlotte Mason philosophy by doing copywork and dictation, read aloud, and nature journaling.

We incorporate a lot of Brave Writer curriculum and the lifestyle.  We do Poetry Teatime every week.  We use the writing projects sometimes.  We use the novel studies complete with copywork/dictation passages, grammar, spelling, and studying literature.

Copywork and dictation are amazing ways to teach grammar and spelling in context.  They learn so much through this.  I still catch myself questioning if it’s “enough,” but Robert reminds me that they will learn more this way than using a workbook or worksheet.

We incorporate the Hygge philosophy into our day in that we are relaxed and take things slow.  We cuddle up into blankets on couches and bean bags, sit by Christmas lights and candles, have hot drinks, listen to soft music, and most of the time the boys and I do our morning time in our lounge room.  It’s super cozy.

Karis chooses to do more traditional curriculum, and I’m fine with that.  She uses The Good and the Beautiful for language arts right now (we will be doing Brave Writer curriculum for high schoolers next year).  She loves her science (Master Books) and history (Story of the World).

All of the kids use Math U See and have learned so much from it.

I often make things up to do and that’s fun!  Sometimes I use something as a spine and work with that.

I literally just take each week and day at a time and mold and change things to make them work for us!  If something isn’t working, I scrap it.

The kids have a certain amount of time that they are allowed on electronics.  Sometimes they get kicked outside, sometimes they don’t.  They play with friends every day.

We live on 1400 acres with lots of trails and haven’t been super consistent with nature walks these days, but I plan to make it happen.  I started the free trial of the Wild Explorers Club and will see how it works for us!  If it’s a good fit, I will subscribe to the program.  I love that it’s very focused.  I think it will help us stay more consistent!  We’ll see!  Also, it’s kind of a sister organization to Wild + Free.

We play games as a family and have movie nights all the time.

I let the kids read books that some would consider “twaddle” (a Charlotte Mason term) because I just want them reading.  Ethan hates reading, so I allow him to read what he wants.

We read a lot of things in the form of comics, including our Bible study (for the boys… Karis uses YouVersion).

We love to travel and go camping.  We never stay in a hotel, really… we just camp!

Ethan mountain bikes all the time and does races.

We cook and bake together.  Because of this, Ethan and Karis have learned how to follow recipes and do these things alone.

We try to live simply in everything that we do.

We keep things organized, yet relaxed.

I’m sure there’s more…


Robert bought me The Call of Wild and Free as an early Christmas present!  I cannot wait to get it! (I took this page from their website)

How do you incorporate the Wild + Free philosophy into your family?

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