Our Plan for December


Robert and I went camping for 4 days and 3 nights this past week.  While we were enjoying nature and the outdoors, I realized that I need some simplicity for a bit (for school).  We have a big semester coming up in January with learning to analyze literature, writing projects, math (Karis and Levi will probably jump to a new level before summer), Texas history for the boys, chemistry for the boys, and Karis will continue her science, history, grammar, etc.

Because December is kind of full with Christmas celebration and important appointments, I decided that simplifying even more for December is important.  I wrote a post about a Simple Christmas Season, and I thought I would write an update to it.

Things will be almost the same… except that we are pretty much ONLY doing read aloud (finish Number the Stars, Christmas books, etc), and a tiny bit of math (mostly just working with Ethan with another resource to help him understand division better and the other two will do a bit from Math U See each day).

We will also do the advent activities and readings (through The Jesus Storybook Bible… no, you’re never too old for this).  We have never been able to keep up with these activities in the past because the kids were busy with school (being away from the house for 10 hours each day), or I was working.  They will manage this for the most part and just do the activities that they want to do.

We will read poetry and sing Christmas carols.

We are also going to present the kids’ Christmas gifts pretty early so that we can enjoy them before we travel to New Mexico for Christmas (for 6 days).

I got them sooooo many games for our family night basket (I don’t even know if they will all fit).  I want to be able to take some games with us to NM.

  • Catan
  • The Game of Things (for $1 at Goodwill)
  • Risk (for $1 at Goodwill)
  • Sushi Go (half off on Good Friday… Levi learned about it from our neighbors and fell in love)
  • Werewolf (the kids are obsessed with this game… we have played with friends)
  • Telestrations (like the game “Telephone” but with drawings… it’s hilarious)
  • A camping game (can’t remember the name… but it has to do with S’mores)

I also did this:

I created cards for each month with fun activities such as a nature scavenger hunt, bowling night, etc.

I got them National Parks of the USA book to plan a short national parks trip together next semester (we get in free because Levi is in 4th grade… not sure why, but we’ll take it!).  I wrote Let’a instead of Let’s on the card… oh well.  I’m not fixing it (ink is expensive).

I need to still get some snacks to put in their family night bucket.  I got them some fancy popcorn seasoning and will get some more popcorn kernels.  I got them some natural bags of popcorn.  I will be getting them Annie’s snack packages and gummies.  I’ll probably get them some kettle cooked chips.

I bought a membership to The Science Mill museum for a year for unlimited visits, VIP passes, and 10% off everything. This museum is 15 minutes away from my parents’, so we’ll be visiting them more too.


In their stockings:

  • Ear buds
  • Natural chapstick
  • Small, simple journals
  • Fun adventure stickers to put on their journals and other things of choice
  • A book for each kid (Magic Treehouse for Levi that will go with our Texas history unit next semester, a mountain biking book for Ethan, and 100 Days to Brave for Karis (got for $1 at Goodwill!)
  • A hand-written notecard just celebrating who they are as people
  • Inside the note card will be one-on-one “dates” together (some are away from here and some are here)
  • A bit of candy

I did a few small things for Robert, too.  But I’m not going to write about that here since he reads my blog posts sometimes :-).

I am loving how intentional our Christmas is this year!

Now for the busy stuff.

Ethan has two counseling appointments, a doctor’s appointment, Robert and I have dental appointments, and we have a few camp Christmas celebrations.

We are celebrating with my parents and grandma on the 20th, with my Meemaw (dad’s mom) and uncle/aunt/cousins on the 21st.  The 22nd we leave for Glorieta, NM to spend that week with my inlaws.  I’m thinking we will have a white Christmas again.

We get back on the 27th, and we will take down Christmas decor on the 28th.  We have Home for the Holidays here at camp (the summer staff come for a retreat) on January 2-5.  We don’t have to be completely involved in everything, so we’ll just keep it simple.

We will start school again sometime after that.  I haven’t officially decided.

I’m going to be doing lots of planning for next semester during December also.

Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all of this!  Haha.

The busy part is why I’m keeping school super simple.


I think I will write about my plan for next semester in my next post!

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