Outline of Spring 2020 Plans

Language Arts

Friday Free-writes

  • Give them the option to write about whatever they want or to choose a topic/prompt.
  • Revise and edit every 8 weeks (they choose which one they want to work on).  
    • Use “Snip and Pin Revision” for the boys.  


  • Karis will continue written narration with her history.
  • The boys will orally narrate what they are reading independently.  
  • Summarize morals/themes of Aesop’s Fables

Copywork/Dictation/Grammar/Spelling (for the boys, using Arrow and Boomerang guides mostly)

  • Monday- Copywork whole passage
  • Tuesday- Student checks work and corrects; mother checks work 
  • Wednesday- Dictation and correct
  • Thursday- Reverse dictation of the same passage (type the passage intentionally making mistakes and have them correct the mistakes)

Writing Projects

  • Mini-Report: Natural Disasters
  • Diary: Historical Person
  • The Pitch: Advertisement
  • The Art of Fiction
  • Poetry Play

Karis will do most things independently

  • I will hand her the Boomerangs to do on her own, except for dictation.
      • Divergent
      • The Hobbit
      • Walk Two Moons
      • Stargirl
  • I will hand her the writing projects to have her do them on her own.  I will help as needed.
  • In addition to some of the writing projects, she will do these:
    • Compare and contrast essay (comparing and contrasting two different novels)
    • Book report (on a novel of choice)
    • Research paper on a science or history topic of choice
  • Annotating Literary Elements study with novels of choice
    • I will teach all of the kids this and they will apply it to the novel that they are reading independently.
  • Literature (in addition to novels)
    • The Norton Introduction to Literature
      • Elements of fiction
        • The Elephant in the Village of the Blind: Questions about the Elements of Fiction
      • Understanding the Text (plot)
        • Choose a few short stories
      • Narration and Point of View
        • Third and first person narration
        • Second person
        • Tense
        • Choose a few short stories
      • Character
        • Analyzing a character
        • Heroes and Villains versus Protagonists and Antagonists
        • Major vs minor characters
        • Flat vs round and static vs dynamic characters
      • Setting
        • Time period 
        • Location
  • She will use IEW Nose Tree grammar.  This involves learning grammar topics, editing passages, learning new vocabulary, and learning some spelling.  

Other Subjects 

Boys’ Texas History

  • Geography of Texas
  • Texas Native Americans
  • European Explorers (Spanish and French)
  • Empresarios 
  • Spanish Missions
  • The Road to Texas Independence 
  • Economics 
  • Statehood 
  • State symbols

Boys’ Science

  • Master Books Chemistry

Karis’ History

  • Finish Story of the World
  • Begin History of the World Ancient History
    • Read
    • Questions
    • Map Work

Karis’ Science

  • Finish Master Books General Science 1


  • Karis- Math U See Zeta and Pre-Algebra
  • Ethan- Math Mammoth Division. then back to Math U See Delta
  • Levi- Math U See Delta, then MUS Epsilon 

Brave Writer Lifestyle

  • Poetry Teatime every Tuesday
  • Nature study with Wild Explorers Club
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Art appreciation (using various art books)
  • Friday Freewrites

Physical Education

  • Each kid will choose what they want to do.


I will share more details as I come up with them!

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