All About Me

img_2455My name is Courtney.  I have been married to the love of my life for 14 years.

img_2510We have 3 kids: Karis- 11, Ethan-9, and Levi-7.

img_2477We live on site at an amazing, beautiful Christian camp in the Hill Country of Texas. My husband is the maintenance director. We have had a crazy few years and a lot has changed, but who I am has stayed the same (though I’m just now realizing this): I love Jesus, my family, my friends, hiking and backpacking, white water rafting, nature, the mountains, adventure, food/cooking/baking, good coffee, La Croix/sparkling water, Coke Zero, candles, fall (all things pumpkin!), Christmas (I celebrate this early!), blogging, hospitality (I love having people from camp over!), living here at Camp Eagle (on 1400 acres with a river, hiking/mountain biking trails, beautiful hills, and more), the sunrise over the hills, our little home that has a lot of character and warmth (and a fun tree wall), our little back porch to sit on and watch the sunrise (when I get up early enough); I love meal planning, trying to spend less on groceries, working on saving/paying off debt (though this is hard because I’m a spender!), organizing, and all of that household stuff.  Oh, and unlike in the past, I am not afraid of convenience foods when necessary (though I’m working to reduce this for our budget’s sake) and cheaper household and personal care products that aren’t natural.  I have learned what is most important!

As much as I want to forget about these things, I also struggle with mental illness (bipolar 2 and severe anxiety) along with alcoholism.  I was in treatment for the alcoholism mid October-mid November of 2016.  I have come a long way and I have decided that I’m a fighter and that I’m strong.  I haven’t been able to say that until recently.  I don’t allow it to over take me and I’m working on throwing these things off as my identity; though, it’s easier said than done since it’s a daily battle.  You can read more about these things through the Mental Health and Alcoholism pages.

I am on quite a few medications, I go to counseling twice a month, and I go to AA once or twice a week.  Sometimes a noon meeting and sometimes an evening meeting.  Sometimes I do AA online on In the Rooms.  It’s video meetings.  They are great!

I have a group in which we discuss things such as mental illness, addiction, self care, self love, and all of the important things that go along with those.  I try really hard to ask what the ladies are doing for self care each day; though, I often forget!  Come ask to join if you’re interested!  I’m VERY picky about who I let in, so I might message you to ask some questions.  Here’s the group: Home of the Croslands.  I also have a page that you can get to from the link to the right.

I am in a program called Healthy Habits Happy Moms Balance 365 in which I am working on becoming healthy again, one small habit at a time.  I used to be soooooo healthy physically, but in trying to focus on working on mental health I have kind of lost that.  But instead of trying to overhaul my life, I am working on making one small change at a time.  Right now the habit that I’m working on is movement.

The most important thing about me is that I’m a Christ follower.  I have been in a valley because of my mental illness and struggling to stay sober, but I am on my way up!  I desire the relationship that I used to have with Him: one in which I spent time in His word and prayer every day, shared Him with others, went to and was highly involved in church, and praised Him through song all the time.  I have spent a lot of time lately trying to do things in my own power, but that is slowly changing!  God has continued to be GOOD despite my struggles.

So.  All of this to say… things you will see on this blog include:

  • Lots of pictures of my family and our adventures
  • Stuff about seasons changing and holidays!
  • Recipes using mostly whole foods ingredients (though not always!)
  • What I’m learning through Bible study/prayer
  • What I’m learning through counseling
  • What I’m learning through AA
  • What I’m learning as I get to know myself better
  • Pictures of trips (family camp, backpacking, field trips, etc)
  • Gratitude posts (Grati-Tuesday and Thankful Thursday)
  • Grocery Geek posts (pictures what what I bought and how much I spent)
  • Meal plans (usually 2 weeks at a time, though I don’t always share)
  • Organization in general
  • Simple living
  • Weekend prep posts
  • Self care: Balance 365, small habit changes, joyful movement, healthy eating, self love
  • And more!

3 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. I’m glad I finally found your Blog. I’ve been looking for it. Hmm maybe that’s something you should think about. Any way, I’m looking forward to reading several of your links. I’m especially looking forward to finally seeing what “THM.”

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