Happy Monday, February 19th

This past weekend was pretty great.  It ended with some anxiety last night, but that’s not abnormal.  I would say that except for that, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Saturday I did a bunch of chores (and so did the kids), we went to meals in the dining hall which were amazing, and went on a long family hike.  It was a beautiful, warm day.  In fact, it almost got too warm in the sun!  It made me want to make it a regular thing again!

Karis had time with her daddy playing Minecraft on the Wii.

I also did some food prep.  Not a ton, but enough.  Veggie and fruit tray, bagged salad (red leaf lettuce and spinach), and breakfast cookies.  I also made homemade yogurt last week and it’s in the fridge.

Yesterday we went to church, went to lunch at an amazing Chinese restaurant, went to a party supply store to buy plates and napkins for my friend’s baby shower, went to counseling (and Robert ran some errands while we were in counseling), came home and cleaned up the house a bit, and had friends over to play games.  I only have one pic of Sunday because I’m trying to be more “in the moment” with my family and friends.  But obviously as seen on our Saturday, I still want some pics for memories!  This is what I found for the baby shower.


Today we are doing nothing.  It’s so nice.  The kids don’t have school because of President’s Day.  Robert is off.

Levi made a paper version of his Skylanders game, which is super cute.  He already played it and “beat it.”


Next we will do a little bit of cleaning, though it won’t take long because we don’t have much to do.  I imagine some game playing will happen.  Also, I plan to write up my Instant Pot Carnitas recipe (so good).  I will also do a little more food prep for the week.

This week is going to be pretty busy.  Tomorrow I have AA at noon, I’ll be hanging out at the library by myself until 3:30 when the kids get out of school, then Karis has choir at 4.  At 8:00 tomorrow evening we are celebrating my friend by throwing her a baby shower.  It’s going to be a good day, but I’ll be tired by the end!  Which is a good thing.

Wednesday I am having coffee here with a friend, having Bible study here at noon, then cooking dinner for some new friends here at camp.  I’m making my carnitas, pinto beans, rice, and guacamole.

Thursday I will do some cleaning and organizing, then I will have AA that night.

Friday the hope is that I will be able to go grocery shopping.  But we have like an 80-90% chance of rain!  So we’ll see.

Speaking of, it’s supposed to rain ALL week starting tonight or tomorrow morning. I like rain, but that’s a bit much!

I hope you have had a good Monday and that you have a great week ahead!

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Happy Monday and Grati-Tuesday

I realize it’s Tuesday, but I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday so I’m going to share some things today.

Yesterday was a long, exhausting day, but it was great in a lot of ways.  I have made some decisions to possibly help with anxiety and my own digestive issues.

After Karis’ doctor told us to eliminate wheat, reduce dairy, take probiotics, and increase water and fiber for anxiety and her digestive issues, I talked to my counselor about it and she asked why I wouldn’t try it as well.  She read me some studies that point to lowered anxiety and depression with eliminating gluten.  And dairy makes my stomach hurt.  My counselor has been doing this for 30 years so I trust that when she says it works, it works.  Then I talked with a friend here that is gluten free and she said it decreased anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.  So we’ll see!

I talked with my dietitian about it and she said we can try it for a month (well, she said 3 weeks but I think a month is better) and see how I feel.  I can then add them in one at a time and see if it affects me.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m eliminating dairy and gluten, adding in fiber and probiotics (also encouraged by my dietitian), and drinking lots of water (mainly because I’m taking lithium now and you have to drink lots of water with it).

Yesterday I ordered some good probiotics and fiber (Garden of Life brand) as well as probiotics for Karis (just Vitacost brand).  I also take fish oil and a whole foods multi vitamin.

Now the question that I asked myself and my dietitian has been very adamant about is that I don’t view this as a weight loss diet, but as a way to feel better.  I don’t think I’ll lose weight… I’ll still eat intuitively (eat when I’m hungry until I’m comfortably full).  I won’t focus on eating “good foods” vs. “bad foods,” but just foods that make me feel good.  I’m not planning to lose weight at all.  My goal is health.  Lower weight does not always mean good health (lots of studies show this!).

And now that Karis is home I will be better about hiking.  It was hard to convince myself to go alone.

I also did EMDR and wow it brought out a lot of things that I can work on and process.  I have decided to not go into details about these sessions because it’s very personal.  Just know that I think this will also help my anxiety and increase emotional connection with my family and friends.

I’m trying to be the best me that I can be.  Closer to Jesus, positive body image, healthy, feeling good, lower anxiety and depression, better mom and wife, etc.  And I’ve gotten back to my daily routine which helps so much.

I’m soooooo grateful for spring!

I’m grateful that Karis has been so excited about school.

I’m grateful for a way for Karis to study God’s word at her level.

I’m grateful that she got up on her own this morning, got dressed, made her bed, brushed her hair and teeth, and filled out her planner for the week using my lesson plans!

(Yes her handwriting and spelling aren’t great…)

I’m grateful for coffee (even when it’s decaf with almond milk), water, spring scented candles, and my new Happy Planner!

I’m so grateful for the Bible study that I’m doing.  It is more in-depth than any study I’ve ever done, as you can see by my marked-up Bible.

I’m grateful that she’s enjoying school (mostly… she hates writing and it brought her to tears today).

I’m soooooo grateful for a neighbor that is loaning us so much!  We are using her math DVD’s, fraction overlays, and blocks (Math U See); history (Story of the World); and now writing (Writing with Ease).  She is saving us so much money.

Along those lines, I’m learning to do this homeschool thing much cheaper this time!     Instead of spending the $400 that I originally told my hubby I would need to spend (to get all of the stuff I wanted), I have only spent about $125 (Math U See Delta student books, Apologia Astronomy notebooking journal, Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, and some Teachers Pay Teachers stuff).

I’m currently creating a Geography unit based solely on free stuff that I found on Pinterest!  This is fun!

Happy Monday! March 13, 2017

Yesterday was pretty great.  We got up early and went to church.  We enjoyed church, then took part in a church business meeting.  Then we had lunch with our pastor where we took membership vows.  We talked to the kids about their relationship with Christ.  They had a hard time articulating things so we have decided to wait a while until we baptize them.

We came home and the kids and I cleaned up the house.  Robert did laundry.

Last night, the boys went camping.  Karis and I had a girls night.  We watched Harry Potter, ate popcorn for dinner, did face masks, and made a homemade no bake cheesecake.

By the time the cheesecake was ready, the boys had decided to come home (apparently Levi was scared).  So we all finished the movie and ate the cheesecake as a family.  It was close to midnight by the time we went to bed.

All of us slept in today!  The kids and Robert slept till 8-9:00, and I slept till 10:00!

I had coffee and chatted with friends.

I normally go to town all day on Mondays but couldn’t today because Robert ended up having to work and the kids are home for spring break.

We had lunch at noon.  The kids and I just did a bunch of nothing all afternoon.  I took a nap at about 3:30.  Did you know that today was National Napping Day?

When I woke up, the boys went outside and Karis and I re-did her room!  That was her main birthday present (the comforter and sheets)!



It’s not perfect, but she likes it :-).

I’m ending the day with some anxiety.  I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow to figure out what to do since I can no longer receive patient assistance for my $1000 bipolar med.  I’m feeling pretty hopeless about my future with bipolar right now.  The only other similar med gave me rapid cycles last time I took it.

Also, I have been struggling badly with depression in general since I stopped taking my birth control.  I stopped because my psychiatrist told me that my second bipolar med would work better if I wasn’t taking it, but things have gotten so much worse.

I’m just a mess right now and could use some prayers.

Happy Monday!


I haven’t had happy Mondays lately, but I’m going to choose to make this one happy.

I have decided to split my town days into 2 or 3 (depending on the week) so I don’t have so much in one day… and this way I am at AA 2-3 times a week instead of the once a week that I have been doing.  Also, it helps my depression to keep me moving. Every other day is perfect because I get a day of rest in between.

So today I have women’s AA and counseling (today we’re doing EMDR again).

I’ll be picking the kids up this time because Robert is working.  I will come home, help them do their homework, and just rest.  We have dinner in the dining hall tonight, so no cooking (Robert will probably take the kids and I will eat leftovers… being in the dining hall overwhelms me sometimes).  Robert is going to let me go to bed early tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll keep me from having the terrible week I had last time I did EMDR.

I have been struggling with depression lately… and insomnia again (it takes me hours to get to sleep).  I’m wondering if I’m going through a slight low in my bipolar.  It takes a lot for me to get out of bed every morning and get moving.  If I am home, I nap all morning (which doesn’t help my insomnia!).  I am trying to force myself to keep moving, but it’s hard!  It’s so much easier said than done.

Anyway… I’m working through things.  Feeling rough some days and better some days.  I am trying hard to change my thought patterns because I know that what I’m thinking significantly changes how I feel.


What are your plans on this Monday?  I hope it’s a good one!