Mom’s Master Binder + Happy Planner

My household notebook has been kind of disorganized since I started homeschooling again and since I’ve been using my Happy Planner.  I have decided to make both of them work well for me.

I found a free “Mom’s Master Binder” pack and used it to make my household notebook work for homeschooling as well as just regular household stuff that I created.  I also bought a cheap grade book pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I use a google doc table that I made for lesson plans.  I don’t keep them in my binder.  I print one off for Karis to use, and I share the document with her so she can click on links (mostly for Khan Academy lessons).

I didn’t make this and I can’t find a link.  I have it saved and I just print as needed.  I’m sure it would be really easy to make on your own.

Weekly Routine

Master Grocery List

This is just the print out of my Google Calendar.

Homeschool Grade Book

This is the program that I’m doing with my dietitian.

These folders have various things in them from coupons to letters to counseling things.

I use my Happy Planner for “to-dos,” self care, and meals for the day. I’ll also use it to plan meals for the week.

Let me know if you want any of this!  I have some templates that I made as well as the ones I found online.  I would be glad to share!

A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

We were planning to go to church today but we all overslept.  We had major storms last night and didn’t sleep great, then it was dark till late so it seemed earlier than it was.  Robert usually wakes up early so we never set alarms on Sundays.  I guess we should have.  Oh well.

We started the day with worship online (Preston Trail Community Church).  That was great.

Then, I was watching videos on how to teach Karis’ writing and had a thought.  What if the boys would be willing to join back together and share a room again?

Since I started homeschooling again I have had to use a corner of my room for a school area.

I desperately wanted a school room and an office again.

I was pleasantly surprised, and they were excited about it!  So we got to work and joined their two rooms and made school room/office again!

It took us hours to weed through Ethan’s room and closet.  It was a disaster.  He always made it seem clean, but there was junk everywhere under his bed and in his closet.

So now their room/closet is organized!

This is our school room/office!

We also did some organizing in Karis’ room since we took the desk back out of her room.  She cleaned out from under her bed and the corner which was all FULL of trash and junk.  We haven’t touched her closet yet because it will take a full day to organize it’s so full of junk.

Then I got some veggies ready for the week and made protein banana muffins.

We ended the day together watching Rogue One and eating “finger foods.”

I would say today was productive, and I’m very happy with how things turned out.  I will sleep good tonight!

My Happy Planner

I have heard of these for a long time, but it wasn’t until I saw a picture from a friend on Instagram that I decided to bite the bullet and buy one.  I also bought a home planner insert to go with it!  This is pretty much replacing my household notebook.  That has turned into a personal notebook (AA stuff, medical paperwork, etc) plus homeschooling (lesson plans and Teacher Edition pages).

The monthly calendar contains appointments, events, and meals for the month.

I’m going to have to adjust how I’ve been doing this since I received the home planner.  I will probably make this all about self care!

This planner covers everything that I need for being organized.

Weekend Prep AND Self-care Sunday









  • Cut veggies for lunches and dinners (celery, broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms… russet potatoes can’t be cut early)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Thawed meat
  • Pan-seared and sliced chicken breast for salads this week
  • Made high protein steel cut oats (Steel cut oats, water, raw sugar, and egg whites)
  • Prepped lunches (cottage cheese in containers, bagged up veggies, bagged up Triscuits, bagged up deli meat and cheese, bagged up chicken slices)
  • I will make homemade Greek yogurt tomorrow-Tuesday


The kids cleaned up the living room, made their beds, cleaned up their rooms, cleaned the bathrooms, and cleaned the floors.  Ethan washed and dried laundry, and they each folded and put away their own.

Here is before:






Here is after:








This week I will spend some time organizing the pantry/fridges/freezers.  I have an abundance of food.  We won’t need to buy much for the next month or more!  Just dairy and produce!  No spend month post coming up!


You wouldn’t think that prep and self care would go together, but I have found that self-care for me sometimes means a clean house and everything prepped for the week.  Also, lately I haven’t been eating much at all because I didn’t have food prepped.  So I will eat this week because I have it prepped.

These are ways I took care of myself:

  • Slept till I woke up naturally (still kind of early… 7:15)
  • Had coffee and just relaxed for a long time (didn’t start prepping and cleaning till near lunch time)
  • Lit candles to smell while I prepped 🙂
  • Listened to old music (some of it reminded me of Joey)

What are you doing to prep and/or take care of yourself today?

Raising a Self-Disciplined Child

For the past several weeks/month I have been doing a lot of things for the kids including making their beds; cleaning their rooms (ish); washing, drying, folding, and putting away their laundry; and loading the dishwasher.  I do all of this because I’m home and it seems easier for me to take care of everything (especially since they aren’t home much).

Robert and I have been talking and he is worried that I’m enabling them by doing so much for them, and he’s right.

I got this book at the library yesterday; I just started reading it and I’m already motivated!

Raising a Self-Disciplined Child: Help Your Child Become More Responsible, Confident, and Resilient.


Today I decided to update their chore charts and start sticker charts for chores.  For every sticker they will receive $0.20.  So they will receive $1-2 a week.  Their chore charts reflect what needs to be done, but some chores won’t be done every day.  They will not receive money for homework.  It’s just on there because they like to be able to check things off :-).

I hope to teach them some money management through this.  I don’t want them to grow up like me and spend every cent that they have.  I want to teach them to save, give, and spend what’s left.  Ethan takes after me in many ways, including how he spends money (but he chooses to do extra chores often to have more money).  Karis and Levi don’t really spend.

This is our updated multi-purpose “hub.”  It has our meal planning, events calendar (for the month), chore charts, and sticker charts.  Below it are baskets.  One is for backpacks and one is for library books and it has my lunch box in it.






I imagine that I’ll learn a lot more as I read.  Ultimately, I have good kids.  They have their days, but when I ask them to do something they don’t argue (well most of the time).  They have good behavior at school.  They are polite.  They include kids that need to be included.  They work hard.  They eat what’s given to them (sometimes they try to get out of it, but they do it).  They do their homework without a fight.  They read more than they have to.

I just want to teach them to be more responsible.

It’ll be good!

In the evenings we have a routine.  They shower (every other day).  We read out of a book (right now we’re reading Wayside Stories) and we sing and pray.  I plan to start reading a Bible book that I got when I was homeschooling called Who Is God? (And Can I Really Know Him?).  I had given it to a neighbor and she’s not using it, so I decided to start it again.


Life is good.  I’m feeling completely at peace about the final decisions we have made for the kids.  I love the school, the teachers, the kids, and the parents.  I love that they have the opportunities that they do because they go to school there.  I love that they get free meals :-).  I love that they don’t have a ton of homework.  I love that they are thriving!  I went to the school yesterday for their choir and am just so impressed with everything!  The library is amazing.  We made the right decision.  Now I can just learn to live every day here inviting people over, making meals for people, and taking good care of myself!

Meal Prep, House Cleaning, and Our Stocked Pantry


I realize it’s not a weekend… We were super busy all weekend so I did my prep yesterday (I meant to post this yesterday and forgot to publish it). I didn’t have much prep to do… I mostly just cut up veggies and prepped lunches (and snacks).



Also, not related to meal prep, I cleaned up the house and did laundry.







Also, I’ve spent time and money stocking our house with food.  Mostly pantry items, but we have plenty of refrigerator and freezer foods for a while as well.








This is mostly sprouted bread, frozen veggies, and of course ice cream (which we have since eaten a lot of).


What’s up here is me settling for easy breakfasts.  The kids are thankful ;-).












I love having a clean house and stocked pantry/freezer/refrigerator.  It helps me to feel less anxious.  Now on to my one load of laundry for the day and maybe a nap!  Enjoy your Tuesday!

Weekend Prep, Part 2


Normally on Sundays we go to church, then come home to clean and do laundry for the week.  We didn’t go to church today because Robert and Ethan are on their way home from Big Bend, so I started the day out cleaning!


Packages ready to ship out (I have since moved them to my car)!


Karis’ surfaces *mostly* cleaned off.




Pile in my room gone!


Levi’s room cleaned (and he’s so cute here reading).


Bathrooms cleaned, floors cleaned, laundry done.  Meat has been taken out of the freezer for the week.

I prepped for dinner.



I put my homemade Greek yogurt in jars.


Now I’m going to start working on Friday’s grocery list and the meal plan for next week because what else can I do?  I need a hobby.  Haha.

I might read some more of this book.  I’ve learned so much through it!


Simplifying and Organizing

People think that I’m super organized.  And in a lot of ways, I am.  My living area stays clean.




I have a meal planning “hub” and calendar in my kitchen.  The kids’ backpacks have a place to go and there is an organized basket of books in the kitchen as well (for the boys).


In the kitchen is a cabinet with our crafts and supplies.


I have a household notebook to plan my day, help me stay on top of the daily/weekly chores, budget, plan for grocery shopping, etc.






The boys’ rooms are pretty organized.  They aren’t spotless, but they wouldn’t take but 15 minutes to clean and organize.

The two rooms that need help are Karis’ room and our bedroom.  Karis is a disorganized, creative type.  Our room is a “catch all” for everything that doesn’t have a place.

I have put this off long enough.  For the most part, we are pretty simple.  We have a  small house so we don’t have a lot of unnecessary stuff.  But we have accumulated more over the past almost 2 years and it’s time to simplify and organize again.  So that’s my plan over the next few weeks.

My dresser is a mess and so is Robert’s.



I have so many clothes that no longer fit me, and I’m tired of holding onto them thinking that maybe one day they’ll fit.  I will go through them and give a lot of them away.




Since we no longer have an office, our “office area” is in our room and is a mess.  Robert has books on the floor that don’t have a home.


We have a ton of kid books that will probably never be read because they get books from their library (they do a program called Accelerated Reader in which they test and get points).  I will keep some, but I need to go through them.  I have an exercise ball that I never use.


I have curriculum to sell still and a wreath to hang.  Yarn and crochet hooks still in a Walmart bag that I need to learn how to use.


Karis’ room is a MESS.  Stuff everywhere.  Her walls are covered with stuff.  Her closet has stuff falling out of the shelves.  She has a bucket of old toys that she hasn’t played with in over a year (she has outgrown toys!).  Her shelves are full of junk; her dresser, desk, and vanity are all full of junk.  It’s time!  We are going to buy her a new comforter and sheets and simplify the stuff on her walls (for her birthday). It’s going to be so good to help her start out her pre-teen years (well I guess she has already started them, but she’s about to be 11).






She has a hard time sleeping and she gets overwhelmed in her room.  It’s time to solve that.  I really think it’s going to help.

I’m looking forward to having a clean, organized, simple household.  It will help everyone.