Doing All the Outdoorsy Things Again and Trying New Things

I love that the kids are bigger and they can 1) be alone at camp while I hike and work retail, and 2) do so much more than they used to be able to.  We can finally do “all the outdoorsy things” that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I have been waiting for some reason to get back out and do what I have wanted to do at camp… hiking and camping and bouldering/climbing (this is new) and kayaking and swimming.  We have all of those possibilities at the camp.

Robert and I will be bouldering and hiking together while the kids sleep in the mornings.  And then when they go to school in the fall.  We’re starting Monday (tomorrow) morning and I cannot wait.  I’m so glad that I remembered that it was a possibility.

We are going to Colorado at the end of July.  We are doing a pilot trip to figure out if the camp should start a wilderness family camp at our camp.  So four families will be going to CO and camping for 5 days in the wilderness.  Of course the trip will be sort of “glamping” because we will have camping toilets and showers, a table that Robert is building, etc.  Kind of different from what we’re used to but it’ll be fun.

In August we’re hoping to do a more wilderness trip with our basic camping gear in New Mexico as a family.  We’ll see what happens.

We also plan to start kayaking and camping along the river in areas.  Lots of fun things to come!  Expect lots of pictures!

I’m trying soooooo hard to get out of my comfort zone more.  It makes me feel so good mentally and emotionally and I’ve noticed I feel better physically because I’m moving my body in a way that brings me joy.

Yesterday the my family and my parents went to the lake about 20 minutes from their house.  We took the boat out and we swam at the beach at the lake.  We were there for like 5 hours.  So so much fun.  I haven’t seen my mom that active in a long time and I enjoyed getting in the water with the kids.  I also enjoyed sitting in chairs and watching the kids.  I was so happy to get out in a swimsuit and not feel self conscious.  Only downfall is that we all got really badly sunburned because I didn’t reapply sunscreen (I know better, but I’m also not using to being out in the sun that long anymore).

Here are some pics:

Gosh, before January I would not have been able to handle all of this!!  The meds that I’m on have been so amazing and I’m so thankful to my doctor for not giving up on helping me find the *right* meds for my brain chemistry!  Yes, I’m on quite a few, but that combo has been great for me!  This is the longest that I’ve been stable in YEARS.  Like since before Joey died.  I’ve had a good few weeks or month here or there, but not a full 6 months!  This is huge.

Anyway, I’m gonna go play games with Ethan and Robert :-).  Have a Happy Sunday!

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