Worn: Finally Doing More Testing

It’s almost 1:30, I’m awake still, and I have to drive to San Antonio tomorrow morning (it’s over 2 hours away). I have a lot on my mind and I also feel pretty terrible.

I’m tired of struggling. I’m tired of coughing and feeling bad. I’m tired of not sleeping. I’m worn.

I have done so much to try to figure out what’s going on so I can get well.

So far I have: tried 4 different reflux meds, had an endoscopy (it was clear), a lung function test (normal), chest X-ray (normal), had a lung function test (normal), tried two strong antibiotics (2-3 weeks each), tried maximum strength Mucinex (regular and DM), had blood work (normal), tried prednisone, Tessalon pearles did nothing, my chest always sounds clear, my oxygen levels are always perfect, and I’ve tried so many allergy meds and nasal steroids.

I have determined some foods and drinks that make it worse, but so far it’s there no matter what.

After a rough night last night, I decided that I need to get allergy tested. God provided financially so I have the funds to do so. Also, tomorrow I’m sending in blood work for food intolerance testing.

I feel peace about getting tested. I’m just praying that the cost is worth it and we find out what’s wrong. It’s $1800 up from. Camp reimburses 75% once the EOB is available.

I feel like it’s a combo of things. Probably food related and environmental allergies.

Next step would be a CT scan of my sinuses. And after that would be a pulmonologist.

I’m actually getting sleepy. That’s a positive. Goodnight!

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