Self Care Sunday


Usually on self care days, I still do some chores.  The reason is that having a clean house is self care for me.  I like to keep up with everything so I don’t get behind and start to have anxiety and depression.  I mean, anxiety and depression still happen (hello mental illness), but if I can prevent it, I will try :-).

So basically that means keeping up with the daily chores: one load of laundry (from start to finish), sweep/vacuum, make my bed, pick up things that are laying around (and the kids will clean up their things), and keep up with dishes.

I need to do a bit of food prep.  This means cutting veggies for my veggie tray, and I will make an instant pot breakfast casserole.  It won’t take very long.  I also need to make dinner.  Pasta and sauce in the instant pot and steamed veggies.

The self care things that I’m doing are: sleep in (till 9!), morning meds (buspirone, lithium, propranolol, lipitor, lexapro, and birth control that I take for my moods) and supplements (B-complex and Vitamin D3), blog (self care and meal plan), plan my week (in my Happy Planner!), and maybe nap :-).  I am trying to drink more water so I have that with me through the day.

I also hope to play some games with the kids.  I might go for a short walk.

Typically we go to church on Sundays, but when Robert works (every third Sunday), the kids and I stay home to rest and play.  I have worship music playing all day.

What are your plans for self care today?

Self Care and Productive Sunday


Yesterday was a pretty low-key day because I was sick.

I budgeted, wrote a grocery list, and wrote out meals that we can cook for this month (with food that we already have)… I will post about that is coming up.

I ordered some groceries on

I supervised the kids while they cleaned up the house.  They do such a great job.  I helped a bit.

Today my family went to church without me because I just wasn’t feeling well when I woke up.

Since I didn’t go, I worshipped via You Tube, and I listened to a sermon from my church’s website.

I felt a bit better later in the day (which made me wish I had gone), so I did some cleaning up and laundry.  The kids’ did a great job of cleaning the house yesterday, but I decided to clean up their rooms and make their beds for them (they got messy again) because I never do that anymore.  I just wanted to serve them.  I want them to come home and be able to play all afternoon.

I also did their laundry (again, not something I do often anymore).

They cleaned the bathrooms yesterday, and I just touched them up today.

I just love my little house.  It’s perfect for our family.

After cleaning, I prepped some veggies.

I baked a peanut butter cake (without the icing) for breakfasts.

Robert is out working on something with a friend.  I think I’ll go to bed early tonight and get some good rest to start off my week well!

I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night… Self Care Sunday

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I knew exactly what was wrong but wasn’t sure how to fix it in the moment… so I just laid there ruminating on it.

I made so many changes this past week that my anxiety flared up the past few days.

I put so much pressure on myself and it all came crashing down last night.

This morning I ended up going back to bed and we missed church.

That was my self care… recognizing what I needed in the moment and taking care of it.


Now to address what has been keeping me up…

Friday I met with my dietitian.

I had decided on Monday that I would go gluten and dairy free to see if it would help my anxiety and digestive issues.  I also ordered a probiotic and fiber.  I decided to do all of the things that Karis is doing… we would do it all together.  By Wednesday I was already extremely anxious about food.  I also could never find something to eat, which made it hard for me to eat enough (I already struggled with that and it just made it worse).  When I met with my dietitian, she felt strongly that eliminating gluten and dairy right now probably wasn’t a good idea.  She said we could address it again when she feels like I’m eating enough.

In the meantime, she told me to eat anything I want in order to get enough calories in me.  I have been restricting for so many years that I’m struggling to eat enough.  It’s ingrained in me to eat as little as possible.  I’m pretty much always hungry but I had gotten used to that feeling so it’s normal for me.  My metabolism is completely shot because of this.  I’ve gained weight since I left rehab and she thinks it’s because my body is learning to re-nourish itself.  When I was drinking I didn’t eat much… all of my calories came from alcohol and those are empty calories.  My body doesn’t know what’s going on now that I’m not drinking.  So by eating more, it will actually help my metabolism.  I’m also hiking again which really helps.  If I don’t lose weight that’s okay.  I may even gain some more as I re-nourish my body.  That’s okay, too.  Anything I do from now on will be for health and nourishment (mental and emotional as well as physical), not for weight loss.


And school…

This morning I decided to cut back on our morning time because it was going to end up taking so much time every day (at least an hour).  She needs to be mostly independent so that I’m not too stressed, which causes anxiety.

Instead of several different loops, we’re going to study Shakespeare and geography a little each day (keeping it short and sweet, maybe 10 minutes each), and just study/read one other thing instead of a several other loops.

So, for example, we will take the Picasso book and read it through the week so it’s only like 5-10 minutes each day.  The next week I will pick something else that is fine arts or literature and read through it through the week.  I guess it’s still a loop, but we won’t study several things every week.  Just one.

I adjusted my post about this coming week to address the change.


It all comes down to recognizing that what I have planned and done is enough.  I don’t need to make it extravagant and complicated… just keep it simple.  She will enjoy the time that we have together more if we keep it simple.

I already see myself going back to my old self which over-complicates things, so I need to put a stop to it immediately instead of continuing.

One positive is that I am doing things cheap or free, so that’s good.  In the past, I would have spent a fortune… but I’m happy that I closed all credit so I’m not able to spend much.  I have to actually stick with the curriculum that I have chosen this time instead of constantly trying something new… because I can’t afford to change anything.  I actually love everything that we’re doing and Karis seems to be doing well with it all!

Weekend Prep AND Self-care Sunday









  • Cut veggies for lunches and dinners (celery, broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms… russet potatoes can’t be cut early)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Thawed meat
  • Pan-seared and sliced chicken breast for salads this week
  • Made high protein steel cut oats (Steel cut oats, water, raw sugar, and egg whites)
  • Prepped lunches (cottage cheese in containers, bagged up veggies, bagged up Triscuits, bagged up deli meat and cheese, bagged up chicken slices)
  • I will make homemade Greek yogurt tomorrow-Tuesday


The kids cleaned up the living room, made their beds, cleaned up their rooms, cleaned the bathrooms, and cleaned the floors.  Ethan washed and dried laundry, and they each folded and put away their own.

Here is before:






Here is after:








This week I will spend some time organizing the pantry/fridges/freezers.  I have an abundance of food.  We won’t need to buy much for the next month or more!  Just dairy and produce!  No spend month post coming up!


You wouldn’t think that prep and self care would go together, but I have found that self-care for me sometimes means a clean house and everything prepped for the week.  Also, lately I haven’t been eating much at all because I didn’t have food prepped.  So I will eat this week because I have it prepped.

These are ways I took care of myself:

  • Slept till I woke up naturally (still kind of early… 7:15)
  • Had coffee and just relaxed for a long time (didn’t start prepping and cleaning till near lunch time)
  • Lit candles to smell while I prepped 🙂
  • Listened to old music (some of it reminded me of Joey)

What are you doing to prep and/or take care of yourself today?

Self Care Sunday, February 12th


I’m writing this after a very long day and weekend.

I’m sipping my decaf Ruta Maya coffee with raw sugar and half and half.  The kids are asleep and Robert is chilling on the couch.

I forgot what it’s like to be super busy two days in a row.  Lately I have been going to town only on Wednesdays and Sundays.  While Wednesdays can be exhausting, I don’t have to get moving super early so that’s nice.

Yesterday we had a fantastic day, but it was busy from the get-go (Levi’s birthday party day and we had family here).

Today we had to get up and moving quickly.  We left out of here at 8:30 (this is early for me to leave these days) to get to church by 10:00.

I actually felt very pretty today, so I took a selfie and had Robert take a picture of my new LulaRoe leggings :-).




Christ Church Kerrville was fantastic as it always is.  I always learn so much from the pastor there.  The church is small, which we like after being at a huge church for several years.  The preaching is deep.  I love that he speaks truth every Sunday.  I love worshipping through hymns, and I love that the kids are learning some of the hymns that I learned as a child.  The boys always go to children’s church after worship while Karis stays with us and takes notes (they have a specific place for kids to take notes in the bulletin) :-).

We had an amazing lunch with new friends (the pastor and his family).  The fact that we could have lunch with a pastor of a church is different from what we’ve been used to recently (with our old church being Chuck Swindle’s church).  The food was excellent and we enjoyed great conversation.  We just felt right at home with them.  I’m looking forward to talking with them more as I start to learn about the Presbyterian church.  He’s a former Southern Baptist like me, so he can appreciate specific questions that I have.

We ran a few errands, got some more groceries, and finished out our Sunday trip in town with my favorite Sonic Coke Zero with lime (self care!).

In true Courtney style, I couldn’t end the day with a messy house so I spent a little bit of time sweeping, vacuuming, doing dishes, picking up, etc.  It didn’t take long.  I had planned to do my prep for the week this afternoon since I didn’t get any done Friday or yesterday, but I was just too tired.  I’m home tomorrow and can do my prep then.  I don’t have much prep to do since I’m home most days now.

So my self care today was church, lunch with new friends, cleaning up the house a bit (yes, that’s self care for me), and now sipping my favorite coffee and blogging.  Oh, and I got a few new candles today that smell like spring (which go great with the weather we’ve had lately)!  Great way to end the week.