Dairy Free

I’ve had a cough off and on for a few years.  I have see a GI to rule out severe reflux.  He did an endoscopy and said everything looks normal.

I went to an allergy/asthma specialist and he did an asthma test to rule that out.  I don’t have asthma.

I haven’t had allergy testing because I can’t afford it at the moment, but I’ve noticed two main triggers to my cough: Dairy (of any kind) and carbonation (of any kind).  So, I’ve had to cut those out.

I have spent a few months figuring this dairy free thing out.

  • Eating out is super hard.
  • I can’t do Starbucks drinks anymore :-(.
  • I haven’t liked any of the dairy free yogurts that I have tried.  Yuck!
  • Dairy free products are expensive.  Luckily I’m the main one that is consuming them.
  • Oreos are dairy free!
  • Dairy is in most processed products under weird names.
  • I have lost 15 pounds and counting.  I have to turn down a lot of things because I’m dairy free.  Also, not having full fat dairy has made a difference.
  • I’m learning to adjust to less creaminess in my coffee.  Most dairy free creamers aren’t super creamy!
  • I actually like most dairy free “butters.”  I’ll share my faves below.

Now on to some of my fave products!

I don’t use “fake cheese” a whole lot, but these are my faves.  They taste the closest to the real thing without being quite as processed as a lot of them.  The ingredients aren’t too bad.

These are the oils and butters that I use (oh, and olive oil of course).

These are the main milks that I use.  Oat milk is my fave, but cashew milk is pretty good.


This creamer reminds me of half and half!  Simple, no flavor, and pretty creamy (not quite as creamy, but close!).  I also like Ripple, but sometimes I get bloated from it.  Oh, and Nutpods (but this isn’t very creamy).

Here are a few more fave products!  There are a few more that I couldn’t get good pictures of (I’m not at home so a lot of products I’m pulling from websites).

I get a lot of these things at Walmart and HEB believe it or not, but I also LOVE a local store where the owners also work and manage the store!  They have a LOT of dairy free items.  I also buy my CBD oil there.