Jesus is my Savior, and I’m so thankful for His grace every day.  While prayer still doesn’t come naturally to me (after being a Christ-follower since I was 11), I still desire to know Him more and spend time in His Word.

Most days, I read my She Reads Truth study, prayer journal, and sing worship songs.  I don’t worry too much if I miss some days because God’s grace is sufficient.  I do notice a difference when I spend time with Jesus.

On Sundays we do “church” at home with worship and studying God’s word using Doc’s Discovery Books.  These take us through the Bible one chapter at a time.  We just started the new testament.

We also try to go to worship some at camp, and I have a Bible study with the ladies during the school year.  We are almost always fellowshipping with others at camp and other places (like in our little town).

I don’t ever want to make these just one more thing to do.  I want it to be something that I do out of love and desire to know my Savior more.