Healthy Habits

I have been part of a group called Healthy Habits, Happy Moms since right after I got out of rehab.  I really love it, a lot.  Someone paid for me to do the Balance 365 program (this is sooooo huge because it’s not cheap).  Then I started struggling and anything that required me to make changes or work towards something went out the window.  I also thought that I wanted to focus more on “intuitive eating” and less on healthy habits, so I left all of my groups and took a long step back.

In late spring, I made the decision that I was ready to take a look at changes that I could make, and I finally decided I was ready to do this the Balance 365 way.  About this time a full pdf of the program became available so I sent it to be printed and have slowly been working through it.

I have also chosen a habit to focus on, and that is movement.  This is mostly hiking because I love being outside.  I also do yoga sometimes and I plan to eventually start some strength training through the Balance 365 programs.  One step at a time!

I am also just making little tweaks here and there in a few other areas.  Not focusing on anything else, but also not shooting down being healthier in general (if that makes sense).

The whole idea behind Balance 365 is that you pick one small habit to work on at a time.  More than one drops the chance of success quite a bit.  So that’s why I’m only focusing on movement.

My desire is to be hiking more to condition my body to be able to backpack again.  There would be no way I could do that at the moment.  I can handle a hike here, but I wouldn’t be able to handle a day hike with a pack on.  No way!  So that’s my goal!  I’m also just trying to listen to my body better and eat/drink things and amounts that make me feel good.  I’m finding that the more I pay attention to it, the less I actually want soda, which is huge.

This will probably be a life-long work in progress and I’m okay with that!

Some habits that I feel like I’m consistent at (and have been for a long time) that maybe aren’t B365 habits but are habits nonetheless:

  • Nighttime routine: Skin care, teeth brushing, and meds/supplements
  • Not eating past full (this is a B365 habit, called Goldilocks).  I eat too much once in a while but it’s not a common thing.
  • Keeping a daily routine with the house.  I have a daily list of chores that I do including one load of laundry per day, keeping the house picked up, keeping up with dishes, making my bed, etc.  We clean bathrooms once a week, clean floors multiple times a week, etc.
  • Using my Happy Planner each day to stay organized each day.
  • Younique work routines are getting more solidified.  It’s hard on weekends.  I find week days are easier to keep up with things.
  • I meal plan every week.
  • I meal prep every Sunday for the week.
  • I’m sure there’s more…

Check back for some posts about healthy habits!