Home Management

Managing my home well is so important for my self care.  If my home is clean, I am less likely to be anxious.  I meal plan and grocery shop to save money.  Saving money brings me less anxiety.  There’s just so much to taking care of myself!

I meal plan each week using my meal planning “hub” in my kitchen/living area, and I grocery shop using a list from the notes on my phone.  It’s so easy to just check things off as I go this way.  I don’t have to worry about having a pen or to make sure that I remember the paper list.  It’s just all there on my phone!

On the left is a dry erase calendar, and add our daily events so that my husband can see what we have going on.

Daily Planning: I use my Happy Planner to plan each day.

I use my Household Notebook to stay organized as well.

The first page inside is this chart of my daily/weekly routines to try to stick with.  I’m not always perfect; this is a guide.  I give myself grace often.

These are the sections:

I’m going to work on these inventories so that I know exactly what I have when I meal plan next time (soon).

The kids each have a checklist in their room along with a dry erase marker with  velcro.

I have a list of rules, consequences, and rewards hanging under my meal planning calendar.  

I work really hard to keep our house clean and organized.  It helps my mental health so much.  Our house had gotten way out of control because I was depressed and it just made me feel worse.  Since I cleaned and organized recently, my mental health has improved dramatically!  Here are a few of the organizing projects that I did:

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