Our Homeschool

Homeschooling.  It has come to mean something so much different than when I first started.

Robert and I decided that what fits our family best is the Brave Writer Lifestyle and Wild + Free homeschooling.

Since making the decision to use Brave Writer, I have felt so empowered. I’m actually a trained teacher, but coming into homeschooling, I have felt like a fish out of water. One of the things I did best as a teacher was doing things more fun and branching out. Yet I struggled with that at home. I went from curriculum to curriculum thinking I needed to find the best and the one that was most rigorous. But that’s not what any of us really want.

So I am feeling passionate now because I am doing what I love, and I get to do it with my own kids!!

I’ve started getting books in! I had some of these before. I bought as many as I could used (the Mexican Art one is basically brand new and I paid $5!). These are some things we’re focusing on for the next several months. I also have a lot more books coming. I’m book obsessed. Haha. Also, I paid for these with the money I made selling the old curriculum.

The Eve Bunting books were my faves as a teacher. They teach such important things.

We study grammar and spelling through good novels and editing/revising writing.  Learning these through context is more organic and makes the most sense.

Each month we study a novel, and I expand on it with picture books, activities, movies, etc.

I’m basically taking the study/book from Arrow or Boomerang (I’m picking single issues based on novels that I already have), then I expand. I buy/check out picture books to study the culture, geography, art, and theme.

The kids will choose novels that they like to independently read.

We are doing Brave Writer writing projects and copywork/dictation for writing (for now).  I’m reading the Writer’s Jungle slowly and will incorporate things over time.

We use Math U See for math because it’s multi-sensory and the kids seem to be learning a lot.

History is learned through the studies that we do about novels AND we use Study of the World.  We may eventually drop Story of the World, but I DO like that they learn history in a particular order with this curriculum, AND it’s a living book with fun activities.

For science, Karis uses Master Books General Science 1.  The boys, and I just study what we want to.  Karis joins in some just because she loves science!  We’ll see how this goes.

They are wanting to study astronomy first, so I have purchased quite a few books.  I have a few more coming, including a project book.

The kids have a reading/craft/play room.  The closet has their craft stuff in addition to some other things like our yoga mats, school supplies, and camping gear.

Their daily stuff is in the kitchen/dining room.