We have been a homeschooling family in the past, and I had to put the kids back in school because of me going to the treatment center.  I pulled Karis out in March due to severe anxiety (and she’s doing SO much better now), and the boys will also be homeschooled next year!  So we are going back to being a homeschooling family!

Big Changes: Final Decision

One of the conditions for homeschooling is that Robert wants us to take educational trips as a family (and just lots of field trips in general).

To start off, in the fall we will be going to the McDonald Observatory!  We will camp if possible.  It’ll be so fun!

We’ll also visit the Scobee Education Center Planetarium in San Antonio!

Now, For the Curriculum We Will Use…

Teaching Comprehension Skills and Strategies

School Room, Rules, Reward System, Chore Charts, and Commission