Mental Health

I have bipolar 2, severe anxiety (generalized, panic, social, and obsessive-compulsive), and alcohol use disorder.  I also have chronic insomnia.

These illnesses have put myself and my family through so much including two hospitalizations, 1 month-long inpatient stay at an addiction treatment center, having to leave many jobs, and so many moments in which I felt as though I couldn’t go on anymore.

I take a lot of medication (buspar, lithium, propranolol, lexapro, haldol, gabapentin, lamictal, and hydroxizine as needed) and magnesium (it helps somewhat with sleep)!  I also take benadryl and melatonin as needed for sleep.

I try to see my counselor when I need to; though I’m not in Kerrville much anymore!

A BIG thing that helps with my mental health is SELF CARE!  Check out my self care page for more information on this!

This page will share about what bipolar 2 is, how it’s different from bipolar 1, and all about anxiety/panic disorders.  I’ll also discuss the medications that I’m on and how important they are to my health!

Types of Bipolar Disorder

Types of Bipolar Disorder: 1, 2, Mixed, and Cyclothymic, and More

Is Bipolar II Easier to Live with Than Bipolar I?

I’m actually doing really well mentally these days thanks to my good meds, lots of self care, positive self talk and thoughts, and gratitude!

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Check back soon for more posts about mental health/illness!